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How To Write A Self Assessment Essay

How to Write a Self Assessment Essay

What is Self Assessment?

Self assessment is an art of searching deep within yourself, and finding your strengths, weakness and characteristics that are essential to your identity. This can only be possible through self-awareness, which is a condition of knowing who you are and analyzing your own self. Self assessment is a way of holding yourself accountable for your actions and defining a framework to improve.

The main purpose of self assessment is to help you in achieving your goals and appreciating how far you have come along the way. It is a major tool which aids your self-improvement as your hidden attributes are revealed in this process. You dig deep into the core aspects of your life that define your identity and affect your performance. Only by being aware of these aspects can you work upon them.

Following are the sequential steps that should be followed while writing a self-assessment. Care should be taken in keeping yourself as the subject of the essay and not seeing it as an opportunity to complain and criticize the system or the constituents of the system.

Steps to follow

  1. Gather Evidence

Even though a self assessment paper does not require scholarly research you still have to collect evidence after critically analyzing your own self. Review on your past life and ponder over your achievements and failures. Ask yourself questions and be as thorough as possible in the responses. Now you are ready to enlist all the attributes you have encountered in your research. Not everything you enlist in this draft must qualify for the final version of your essay. While reviewing yourself you should be honest, if you have made mistakes owe up to them, only then will you be able to eliminate them.

  1. Write an outline

First define a criteria in accordance to which you will assess yourself. The criteria will depend on the purpose of your self assessment, if you are writing it for your employer you can encompass all your organizational achievements and the accolades you have earned, also mention the setbacks you suffered along the way. However if you are writing it to assess your performance in pursuit of a goal, then you have to judge yourself by the benchmarks set in the goal objective.

Choose a logical structure to follow before you actually start writing the essay. In the outline which will also play the part of your introduction you can include a brief summary of each of your distinct quality that you will later elaborate in the essay. This serves as a preamble to the reader.

  1. Elaborate your personality traits

Now that you are done with the research and outline, you can now focus on the body of the essay. Revisit particular significant events of your life and ponder over them from a fresh perspective. This will give you insight about your personality traits. Discuss certain areas of your life where certain aspects of yourself were showcased.

Apart from mentioning your attributes, also focus on the new skills you have acquired and new talents which you have learned. Link them with how they have helped you in your life and assisted you in pursuit of your goals. Do not oversell yourself, as it will raise the expectations of the reader, which can be your teacher or employer. Living up to those expectation can be a demanding ask.

  1. Analyze

Begin your analysis by going through your personal traits and reviewing them as per the criteria you have defined. Discuss how you plan to move forward and improve on your mistakes in the future. Plan a scheme through which you can let go of your negative aspects that are preventing you from achieving your desires. Your reflections should seem polished and not hasty. Special care should be taken to avoid grammatical and spelling errors, as it will divert the attention of the reader from the content to these mistakes.


A self assessment provides the reader with your view on your performance and gives you a chance to do some thinking about your own self too. University students, office workers and professionals at some point in their career are required to reflect on their own self and write a self assessment paper. This can be an uphill task for people with inadequate self-awareness. Following the above mentioned techniques can guarantee you success in this endeavor, however if you are lagging in the race against time and the deadline is in a matter of hours, you can seek the help of professionals at Prescott Papers, where masters of vocabulary and grammar will write your self assessment paper which will truly depict your inner self. A perfect balance will be maintained while writing the essay in order to not make you look too modest nor too boastful.

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