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How To Write An Essay About Someone Who Has Impacted Your Life

How to Write an Essay about someone who has Impacted Your Life?

Writing about a personality that has made a significant impact on your life is a popular question in many literary courses and is also asked in college application essays. This type of essay falls under the category of descriptive essays so it is important to first understand the requirements of a descriptive essay.

What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is an illustration made using words. It allows the reader to see, feel and experience the event as if he was present during it. A descriptive essay involves the portrayal of your five senses and how they helped you experience what you experienced. This allows the reader to view places he has never been to, experience new cultures, taste different flavors and touch different textures, thanks to the depiction of your five senses.

Another characteristic of a descriptive essay is the usage of similes and metaphors. This helps set the mood of the essay by making the description more vivid. Rather than saying "This world is a play", Shakespeare in his iconic passage compares the world to a play, he writes "All the world's a stage and the men and women merely players." This has a different impact on the reader all together.

Showing vs telling

Instead of telling the reader about a certain characteristic or event, it is always a better option to show them using illustrative language. This creates an impact on the mind of the reader and your idea is presented in a better form. Instead of simply telling the reader that "my teacher is very strict", you can alternatively show the reader this attribute by mentioning that "Mr. Smith slammed the door on his back after scolding us for performing poorly in the examination". This way the reader gets a first-hand experience of the event and can make the required judgements accordingly.

Sequential Order of Steps

Following are the steps one should follow while describing a person whose impact on your life has been momentous.

  1. Introduce the Person

The person you decide to write about should be known to you. Select the person after giving it thorough consider, and not pick the first person that enters your mind. It is essential to make a rough draft about your essay first where you jot down ideas and events relating to the person, and later make the final version of your essay. You can introduce the person by mentioning his unique personality traits or by sharing a vivid memory of an experience you encountered with that person. The latter is an interesting way to entertain the reader and also impart valuable information about the person you are describing. While describing incidents that have occurred, it should be kept in mind to not narrate the event but to show its effects on you.

  1. Describe the Person

The next part of your descriptive essay it to highlight the key personality traits and habits of the person you are describing. This description should paint a picture of all that the reader requires to know about the person. The writer needs to be judicious while choosing the information to share with the reader. While describing the person care should be taken in not exaggerating their qualities. It is possible to admire a person while admitting that they have flaws too and are human. Avoid mentioning their physical attributes and focus on their personality. One should not make the mistake of persuading the reader about the worth of that person, rather it should be about what that person means to you and how they have changed your life in a certain manner.

  1. Describe the Relationship

You not only have to describe the person but also describe the relationship you have with that particular person and how they have influenced your life. To a certain extent this means that you have to talk about yourself too. A link has to established between the qualities and habits of that person and how they have affected you. Always give examples while mentioning primary elements of your relationship. This way you "prove" to the reader that the person has indeed influenced you in a certain manner.

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