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How To Write An Honors College Essay

How to write an honors college essay

Many state schools have an honors college. Getting in is a lot more difficult than getting into the regular school. It usually means writing an extra essay. How you write an honors college essay means the difference between being admitted and being rejected. This particularly applies if you're on the borderline between the two. You can increase your chances of being admitted to an honors college by producing an essay that's written well, meaningful, and grabs the attention of the people who are going to judge it. This article will explain how to write an honors college essay and what mistakes to avoid.

Pay attention to the prompt and choose a topic

Read the prompt carefully before writing. You need to figure out the school's requirements and how you can write your essay in a way that meets them. Each school will have different requirements. Don't write a generic essay and use it to apply to multiple schools. The essay needs to be tailored specifically for each college. If you ignore the guidelines, there's a good chance you're going to be rejected.

When you feel that you understand the prompt, take time to go over some possible topics. You'll need to pick a topic that will highlight a positive part of yourself. You need to "sell" yourself. Emphasize how being admitted to and being in the honor school will let you reach your life goals and help you be a better person.

Plan before you write

Planning out your essay will help you organize your thoughts. The usual way to do it is with an outline, but you can use other ways, like mind mapping. The important thing is to have a plan before you start writing.

Organize and outline your essay

You've written a ton of outlines in your school career so far. Time to write another one. Follow the familiar introduction/body/conclusion format. Depending on what you're going to write, you may be able to get away without a conclusion. Include it in the outline anyway, just in case.

Write your first draft

It's probably not going to be as good as you want the final version to be, but you need to write a first draft in order to get your thoughts on paper as quickly as possible. Improving an essay that's already written as a first draft is a lot easier than writing a "perfect" essay once.

Write an introduction that gets the attention of the admissions people who are going to be reading your essay. In the rest of the essay write plainly and succinctly. The essay needs to be straightforward and clear, explaining something about you and your goals.

Editing and proofreading

This is an honors college essay. Now's not the time for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Assuming you've run spell check, read over the essay yourself. Have other people read and edit your essay – as many people as possible. Ask for feedback. And – this should go without saying – don't let anybody else write your essay, especially an adult. Readers on the admission board can very easily pick out an adult's writing. They read thousands of essays, and they know the difference.

Submit it

Submit your essay as early as you can. That way it will arrive on time. If there are any problems, you can fix them before the deadline. If the honors college you're applying to has rolling admissions, the earlier you apply the better.

By putting a little thought into how to write an honors college essay properly, you increase the chance of getting in.

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