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How To Write An Interview Essay

How to write an Interview Essay

What is an Interview Essay?

Most job interviews are so thorough, and the interviewers are so experienced that just by taking an interview, they can give you an active mental description of the applicant and his personality. When you've taken a series of different interviews and seen all types of applicants, you gain enough experience that you can make a judgment about the candidate just by the way they make entrance into the room and take a seat on the chair. The first few moments of interaction with the interviewer are very important, as they give out the applicant's first impression and help set the tone for the rest of the interview. These two things in themselves are important enough to make sure that you get the position you've applied for, and that you don't.

Generally interviewers have gained such insight into the applicant's mind by taking a number of interviews that they can give a very accurate assumption about the competence level, attitude and personality of the said applicant. The interviews too, are designed in such a manner that they are immensely effective in not only assessing the conscious of the applicant, but the subconscious as well. Huge attention to detail is paid when taking these interviews as most of the important things in the applicant's personality are clues and hints that need to be discovered by the interviewer. During this process, the interviewer accesses the different aspects of the applicant, his life and his personality.

To sum up the findings of the interview, a written report known as the interview essay is written. This document is compiled by interviewer himself and comprises of a thorough report on the details of the interview, and the applicant as well. The basic purpose behind the creation of this essay is to document the personality traits of the applicant, covering all major aspects of his life. Also, the essay comprises of objective information and facts about the applicant, for example, his age, previous experience, degrees and certifications etc. Other than that, the interviewer is allowed or rather encouraged to give his own take or opinion about the candidate, his interview and things that were mentioned or discussed during the interview. He also might mention any reservations that he might have had while talking to the candidate and any problems with him that he might have foreseen during the interview. It is basically an introduction of the candidate given to the reader about his achievements, special skills and qualities, to name a few things.

The Interview Essay can be in various formats, it can be in the form of questions and answers, or in the form of a narrative. The narrative form of an Interview Essay generally allows more freedom to the interviewer to describe and assess the candidate as he wishes. He has the freedom to include quotations and sayings said by the candidate, as well as any story, event or anecdote that has been mentioned by the candidate. The interviewer is often given liberty to mention humorous or informal events and happenings in the interview essay, as well as his own thoughts and reviews regarding the candidate.

How to write an Interview Essay?

In order to write a comprehensive interview essay, the first thing you need to do is to compile a meaningful set of questions, ones that are detailed and thorough enough to enable the interviewer to examine the candidate in the best possible manner. The examination ability and judgment of the interviewer should be intensive enough to actually evaluate the candidate to the best of his abilities. The interview essay, on the other hand, should be detailed and well-defined enough to cover all the aspects and happenings of the interview, including the personality and attitude of the candidate.

During the interview, it is preferred for the interviewer to make notes. For example, any anecdote or quotes mentioned by the candidate can be provided in the interview essay, keeping in mind the fact that these quotes should not consist of more than two or three lines. As for the anecdote or event that was mentioned in the interview, that too should be kept as concise as possible. Another method used to record the interview is through the use of a tape-recorder, which is suitable because with the use of a tape-recorder, each and every word is recorded, while you may miss out or misinterpret any words said by the candidate.

Since you were the one who actually met the candidate and took the interview, you should be able to accurately judge which things or what exactly is most worthy of hearing about the candidate, hence you should mention the most note-worthy things in the interview essay.

You have to start the essay in such a manner that it retains the reader's attention and intrigues them to read further on. To do this, you might need to start with an interesting or humorous anecdote or story about the candidate, or you can start right away with the introduction of the candidate, who he is, what he does and other general information about him.

Moving on, once you have developed an interest to read in your audience, you should continue providing useful and intriguing information about the candidate, for example, you can start off with mentioning their achievements. Start off with the most prestigious achievement, something that they are famous or known for, then proceed to tell the reader something that they might or might not know about the person who is being interviewed. Then, you can discuss his or her past, mention any sad or tragic events that may have happened in the candidate's life, or even something inspirational, for example, bearing the circumstances after a loved one's death or struggling through financial situations and being even stronger.

Once you have mentioned these, try and discuss the candidate's personality, their likings or dislikings etc. you may even include something that someone else said about the candidate. However, please make sure that the said information is not only authentic and true, but it should be good-spirited as well. You also may mention anything funny or memorable that happened during the interview, and the reason why you chose to mention it.

Towards the end, the writer is encouraged to share his own opinion of the person being interviewed, for that purpose mention anything pleasant that you noticed during the interview, or something memorable. Also, try and say what you think of them, their work and their achievements in general. Again, there is an emphasis on the fact that all these thoughts that you mention should be pleasant, enjoyable to read and free from any kind of bias that you might have towards the person.

Interview Essays by Professionals

Writing an Interview Essay can be tricky until you get the hang of it. Making sure that you capture the actual essence of the personality of the person while mentioning all the facts can be hard. We here at Prescott Papers have a team of professional writers who excel at writing Interview Essays, and we can not only show you how it is done in the best possible manner, but we can do it for you. Provide us with your notes or a recording of the interview, and we can make sure that a custom interview essay is written especially for you, which includes all the specifics and everything else talked about in your interview.

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