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How To Write Reflection Paper

How to Write Reflection Paper

What is a Reflection Paper?

A Reflection Paper in the simplest terminology, is your thoughts on a topic. To reflect upon something means to think about it, and in that context, writing a reflection paper means to give your opinion about any matter. Reflection papers are mostly informal documents that students are asked to write in schools and colleges, the topics that are usually assigned to students are various. They can vary from memories, events, social issues etc. Basically, you can be asked to write a reflection paper about pretty much anything that you can have an opinion on.

As they concern your personal thoughts about the topic, reflection papers can be written using rather casual vocabulary, sentence structure and general tone of speech. Depending upon the topic provided and the writer in question, they can vary greatly in length as well. For example, a young student asked to write about his favorite memory of elementary or his childhood might submit a reflection paper with a length of a few paragraph or hundred or so words. On the other hand, a university or college student asked to write a reflection paper about a complex social issue or a recent political or international development might submit a document that is well over a few pages in length, and might consist of a word count of more than thousands. Basically, reflection papers, their length and contents depend largely on the topic and writer. Also, the tone of the paper and the vocabulary used also seems to depend on what the paper is about. A paper about your favorite celebrity might be much more casual and laid-back as compared to a paper on increasing poverty throughout the world.

Reflection papers are most importantly written in a narrative form, as they consist of the writer's thoughts and feelings. In such a case, it is preferred not to add quotations by other people, facts and figures etc. as doing that seems to give a rather bad impression of the writer. The reader tends to wonder whether the writer lacks competence to write a reflection paper, because he seems to rely on what other people say, in order to express his own opinion.

How to write a Reflection Paper?

When asked to write a reflection paper on an issue, you are expected to talk about your own thoughts, your experiences, your reservations and your own beliefs about that particular subject. Like any other type of essay, you are supposed to design an introduction, a body and a conclusion for your reflection paper. The introduction might consist of general information about the subject, a definition or anything that helps define to the reader what the subject actually is. This type of an introduction, however, is applicable only to subjects that are complicated enough that they need an introduction.

The body is where your opinion should be, once a clear and easy-to-understand introduction has been given to the reader. The body of the paper can consist of your experiences and observations about the subject and generally what you think about it. The conclusion can be a particularly tricky thing to write. Once you are done with describing your take on the subject in the body, discuss the future prospects of the subject in the conclusion. By doing that, you should be able to give a clear impression of what direction that subject is moving into. Whether the situation is improving or not? Is there anything being done to make things better? What is the impact of the subject on the reader? What is the impact on yourself? These are just some of the questions that are needed to be answered in order to compose an effective conclusion to a reflection paper.

In a reflection paper, you are encouraged not only to use your thinking skills, but your critical thinking skills. It basically provides you with an opportunity to assess things in a deep manner and foresee things that others might not have comprehended yet. Hence you are expected to mention implications about the subject as well.

Even though they might be your own thoughts, but one is advised to be careful with words while writing these papers, as casual and informal as they might be. You should be careful as to not hurt anyone's sentiments or to bring anyone else harm by your thoughts. Other than that, a reflection paper should be well composed generally, with a specific sequence of events to follow. A paper that has no outline, no sequence or thoughts that are not streamlined will not give out a good impression, let alone a great one.

Reflection papers by Professionals

Even though reflection papers are comparatively informal as compared to other documents, they still can be very tricky to write until you get the hang of it. Most people find it hard to write down a composed set of thoughts that follow a specific pattern, and for exactly that reason, we here at Prescott Papers, have hired professionals to provide guidance to students in this aspect. Not only can we help you learn how to compose a perfect reflection paper, we can do it for you! Just inform us about the topic that you need a reflection paper on, and we can come up with a custom designed paper, just for you!

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