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What Is A Reflection In Writing

What is a Reflection in Writing?

Description vs Reflection

Both descriptive and reflective writing fall under the category of analytical writing. However a description is the detail of the events, whereas reflection is the summary of your thoughts and feelings in regard to the event. A description can be of other people but in a reflection you include only your own perspectives about the subject matter. You share with the reader, the impact of the event on your emotions, thoughts and feelings.

A reflection is mostly written in response to a particular part of the event or idea. If you try to tell the entire story, chances are you will end up writing a description more than a reflection. After reviewing your past, you should reflect forward to the future and point out how you will perform differently in a similar experience or task.

The process of reflection involves learning and understanding on a deeper level, which gives you valuable insights which cannot otherwise be taught. You make judgements based on your conclusions in order to move on and improve your approach and strategy for future tasks. It makes you analyze and question how and why you think the way you do.

A reflection is a depiction of your insights, observations and opinions after serious contemplation and consideration. You are allowed to quote the perspectives of other people on the issue to draw parallels but the main focus should be on your own feelings.

Types of Reflection

A reflection is written in response to a stimulus, idea or event. Broadly speaking there are two main types of written reflection, it can be written in response to an experience or to a written piece of work such as an article or a book.

  1. Experiential Reflection

This form of reflection is fairly popular in professional programs, where there is a dire need to connect theory with practical. You not only describe the event but also critically evaluate it based on ideas and view point regarding the event.

While writing a reflection paper for your organization, it is necessary to include the key lessons you learned and the skills you acquired during the experience. In a technical reflection it is mandatory to mention what went right and what did not go as per plan, how was the theory implemented and what the level of the problem solving techniques was.

When we are going through an event we make hasty judgements regarding it, however in a reflection you get a chance to think in retrospect and review the event for a clearer perspective. This is only possible if we are sincere in striving for the truth, and not afraid to encounter our insecurities along the way. This brings clarity over the happenings that took place during the event.

  1. Reading Reflection

In order to encourage the balanced assessment of written material in students and enhance their thinking process, many interdisciplinary courses require you to review written documents. This enable the students to form informed opinions about the ideas presented in the text and relate it to their preconceived notions.

In this form of reflection your thoughts mature and your horizon broadens. You start to view life from a perspective from which you have never done before. It is through the examination of your beliefs, assumptions and biases that you form the basis of your understanding.


Reflecting on your own self has many benefits. By holding yourself accountable for your actions you maintain a check and balance. You owe up to your mistakes and pledge to avoid them in the future. Your strengths and weakness are revealed, making you aware of your capabilities.

While writing a reflection care should be taken to insure that your essay is organized. You should start with an introduction where you point out the particular experience, idea or text you will be examining. Then you form the body of the essay and divide it into paragraphs. Finally you conclude by exploring the lessons you derived from this practice. The tone should be formal, however you can use personal pronouns.

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