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The world is today a global village as the power of the internet pervades all corners of the world, no matter how remote. In such a connected world, it makes a lot of sense to pick up a couple of foreign languages as part of your skills during college.

In this shrinking world, not knowing at least one foreign language can be a huge disadvantage. It is a commonly accepted truth that many Americans are not skilled in a second language. The only language that most Americans know to speak, read, and write is English. It makes sense to start making corrections with this aspect of the US culture.

When in college, you might wonder which of the world languages you should study that makes economic sense in today's age. This particular article is dedicated to the Chinese language. Through this article, I will tell you the benefits of studying the Chinese language and where to buy Chinese paper.

Benefits of studying Chinese

Here are some of the things about China that you might already be aware of. But, it is great to start with reiterating these highly important facts about the largest country in the world.

  • The Chinese culture is believed to be over 5000 years old and is steeped in richness and antiquity.

  • China is the largest populated country in the world

  • Nearly 1/5th of the world population speaks different dialect of the Chinese language. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world

  • Chinese is spoken not only in China and Taiwan but is spoken by the powerful and large Chinese communities of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Mongolia, and the Philippines

  • China is a long-term and large trading partner of the US and there are many US companies that have a large presence in China and vice versa

So, the benefits of learning and mastering the Chinese language are:

The country is undergoing tremendous economic growth and knowing Chinese will enhance your job security level. As many large US firms have a huge presence in Chinese, these employers will be happy to have employees who know Chinese and are able to communicate with their counterparts in China.

China is working hard to learn and assimilate US culture and the Chinese people will appreciate reciprocation in this endeavor. They will be happier to do business with people who know their language than with those who do not know their language. Considering the fact that China is one of the most influential economic countries of the world, it makes economic sense to try and learn Chinese. Knowing the language is the first step to learning and mastering the market.

Knowing Chinese will also improve your job opportunities in the market. For the same reasons mentioned above, a newbie just out of college with knowledge of the Chinese language will have far more career options to choose from than a newbie who does not know the Chinese language.

Translating is an extremely lucrative job with opportunities in government agencies and intelligence community with potential earnings in six figures! So, don't wait to learn a second language and Chinese will be a great choice.

Surprising facts about the Chinese language

Many students are deterred from taking up Chinese by a misconceived notion that it is a very difficult language to learn. However, this is not really true. Since there are no alphabets and since you will be using pictographs in detail, this could initially create some small hitches in your learning curve. Otherwise, the grammar aspect of Chinese is very simple.

There are no verb conjugation, no noun declension, etc. So, you do not need to learn and memorize verb tenses, gender, and number distinctions. For example, in English, you will have to know various verb tenses and you will have to learn when to use 'see,' when to use 'saw,' when you 'seen,' right? In the Chinese language, you will simply need to know one word for 'see' and that is 'kan.'

Take another example; in English, you would have to know 'cat' and cats' to differentiate between singular and plural. In the Chinese language, you will simply need to know 'mao.' Of course, there are other ways to differentiate verb and noun declensions and such elements of grammar. But, overall, Chinese grammar is far, far less complex than German, English, and French.

Just like in English, the sentence structure goes like this: Subject followed by the verb followed by the object. And moreover, many words in Mandarin Chinese (words for health, state, party, science, etc) have a connection to English concepts and hence it will not be very difficult to learn the language. And considering the benefits, it does make sense to pick up some Chinese language skills to help in improving your career growth.

College offering foreign language study programs

The Language Schools of Middlebury College, Vermont – In addition to Chinese, this college offers language learning programs in French, Arabic, German, and many more. In fact, students are required to sign a pledge which states that they will use the language exclusively during the program's duration. Middlebury College also offers a Doctorate of Modern Languages programs for which you will have to master two foreign languages to the level of fluency.

University of California, LA (UCLA) – UCLA is a great place if you wish to learn any foreign language including Chinese. It teaches over 40 ancient languages and 40 modern languages. You have access to various excellent resources including podcasts, audio files, and YouTube videos during the program.

University of Wisconsin-Madison – This University is home to some of the best departments of foreign languages. In addition to classroom training, the study program could include a trip to the country of the language for a more hands-on approach to learning the language.

Stanford University – Offering a variety of learning tools including practical skills based on activities that drive you to read, write, and speak the foreign language of your choice, Stanford University leverages on its Digital Language Laboratory to get you an added advantage.

Yale University – This University offers programs for over 32 different ancient and modern languages and embraces the latest technologies to teach these languages. Yale students have access to multiple online and offline resources during the course of the study program. These programs include interactive activities with native language speakers as well.

Washington State University – The department of foreign languages of the Washington State University has been rechristened to Foreign Languages and Culture reflecting the importance of understanding and imbibing the culture of the country whose language the student wants to learn and master.

In this University, there are specialized language programs aimed at specifically helping students in social science, business, engineering, and pure sciences. The learning tools include video and audio files, TV programs, a self-paced learning program, and more enhancing the joy of learning a new foreign language.

Where and how to buy Chinese Papers

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