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Writing English essays can be quite an arduous task. Firstly, you must learn, understand, and master the concepts that have been explained in the literature. Then, you must find something unique about it and present your interpretation by giving supporting claims and evidence. And all of this has to be done in flawless English.

Before I go to tell you which is the best place to buy English essays, let me tell you the structure of one so that you can either write it on your own or check to see if the writer (whom you have paid to write for you) has done a good job or not. This article is specifically for English Literature Essays

Structure of an English Literature essay

Introduction – This should contain the details of what you intend to prove and/or analyze in your essay. This proof and/or analysis should be based on your own perspective and interpretation. You must include comments regarding the context and the reason for the literature to be have been written and produced in the way it has been done by the author.

The introduction should contain brief details of the title of the work, the name of the author, dates of publication or performance, how it was received by the people, the context of the work, and a concise collection of the themes followed in it. Your introduction should be brief and clear yet containing all the relevant materials and information about the work under consideration.

Thesis – This is an important part of the introduction and hence, I have chosen to explain it under a separate heading. In the thesis segment, you must outline your argument in relation to the topic question. The thesis should act as a signpost for the reader telling him or her the direction your essay is going to take.

Your thesis should contain an acknowledgment of the topic question and the implication of the question with regards to how you are planning to approach it. This section should also represent your interpretation of the topic question reflecting your engagement with the text or literature under consideration but based on your opinion and understanding.

Your thesis should also be brief, specific and yet contain the relevant points. It should give an engaging summary of what your essay is going to talk about at length.

Main Body Paragraphs – This is the largest section of your essay and should contain about 3-4 paragraphs each of which will be dedicated to one particular point of evidence in support of your thesis. The points of evidence in each paragraph should be relevant to the argument made in the specific paragraph and to the argument of the entire essay. Here are some tips to help you build the main body of your English essay:

Start each paragraph with the central theme that it will be discussing. So, each of your points of evidence in support of your thesis will be one new paragraph in the main body of the essay.

Quote the evidence through the correct use of citations either by embedding the quotation within quotes or a short description of the text from which you have sourced your evidence. It is important to choose evidence that clearly and unequivocally supports your thesis.

The next 3 or 4 sentences in each paragraph should explore the central theme and the evidence and bring about an irrefutable connect between the two. You have to explain how the evidence supports your idea. For example, you could explain the meaning of certain key words in the evidence and explain how the author's thoughts and statements back your idea.

The last line of each paragraph should wrap up the entire piece by referring back to the main thesis of your essay thereby connecting each paragraph to the central theme of the complete essay.

The main body paragraphs should be used to explore your ideas and thoughts using powers of observation and analysis to write a convincing reply to the topic question. It is important to be efficient in your choice of evidence and select only those that are succinct and clear in their support of your thesis.

Use each paragraph to signpost your readers to the original thesis statement and thus guide them through your ideas through seamless writing style.

Conclusion – This will contain your concluding and original perspective of the thesis statement. Wrap up the entire essay by summarizing very briefly each point of evidence and demonstrate how it supports your chosen thesis statement. Then, you must provide an individualistic response to the topic question.

The conclusion should have a very personal and engaging tone wherein you present your perspectives to the topic question. You could include one last insight that you may not have thought about earlier but that which keeps the essay open for counter-arguments and further debates. However, ensure that this last point is not tangential to the topic and is very closely related to your original thesis. Here are some tips you could employ in the concluding paragraph:

  • Use your personal opinion and reaction to the topic question

  • Comment on the relevance of the topic question even in the modern times

  • Comment on the success of the literary work based on its plot, characters, structure, and/or theme

Final Notes

A literature based essay can be a daunting task even for the seasoned English native speaker. It becomes all the more difficult if your native language is not English. It requires excellent language and style control to create an essay that is seamless, succinct, and flawless in all respects.

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