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Writing any piece of content in a language that a student is fluent in can be a huge challenge by itself. Writing papers in a language that a student is not very fluent in is a much bigger challenge than that. The complexities of the mechanics of writing in the English language enhance the difficulty even more.

As a foreign student, you must remember that you are not battling this problem alone. There are many students in the country who have come from faraway lands to leverage the advantages of studying in premier US universities. Most of these students would have had English as a second language in their home country and their level of fluency will be far less than that of an English speaking native.

Why do students buy English papers instead of doing it themselves

Insecurity – Many college students are not quite skilled at the English language. They are not clearly aware of the mechanics of English writing skills including grammar and spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary, etc. This creates a deep sense of insecurity within them and they end up hating the task of writing English papers. Instead, they choose to buy them.

There is no one right answer to English papers – Unlike science and Math subjects in which, more often than not, you can calculate and arrive at one right answer, English does not have the luxury of having one right answer. Writing English papers is a highly subjective exercise and calls for delving deep into your mind and creating content that is original and unique.

Many times, students easily buckle under pressure and give up halfway. Not having a right answer can prove to be quite a deterrent especially for science and technology and engineering students. Such students also prefer to buy English papers instead of doing it themselves.

Writing is very tough – Many students find the task of writing very difficult. This does not mean that they do not understand the lesson. However, writing calls for a lot of effort in terms of collecting data, organizing it, and then articulating it in such a way that the essay turns out seamless and clear. Even if you had a lot of data, the organization of the data and writing it down can be quite daunting for many students. So, they choose to hand the writing work to a professional rather than do it themselves.

Fear of failure – Some students might be bright academically and in the English language. However, among this set, there are many students who are scared of failing. This fear actually cripples their thinking process and they feel overwhelmed. This drives them to go to professionals to ensure that not only will they not fail but also get excellent grades.

Boredom – This is another common reason for students not wanting to write papers. There is a lot of work involved which some students find boring to do. For example, you need to read a lot of literature before you can choose the most relevant evidence in favor of your thesis. The reading part can lead to boredom for many students driving them to professional writers for their English papers.

Final Notes

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