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French, as a foreign language, can be a great asset for your resume. Knowing French can enhance your value in the job market and broaden the job opportunity horizon considerably. And if you are having problems with writing in the language, you can always choose to buy French essays.

Do not allow the fear of having to write French essays prevent you from taking up the study of the language in college. There are many advantages and this article lists out some of them.

Advantages of knowing French

French is a world language – There are over 77 countries in this world whose official language is French. After English, French is the most widely learned language of the world. It is the sixth most commonly spoken language in the world. Moreover, this is the only language that is taught in every country alongside English. France is, indeed, a world language!

French is a language for the job market – The combination of English and French is a deadly one for the job market. Knowing French opens doors for you in many French-speaking countries of the world. French allows you access to some great literary works including those of Victor Hugo, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alain Delon, and many more literary giants.

French improves your chances of getting higher education degrees in France – France has multiple universities for higher education that are ranked high in the top world order. Knowing French improves your chances of getting admission into these top-ranked universities in France and other French-speaking European countries.

French is an alternative for international relations – French is an official language and a working language of the United Nations Organization, the agencies under UNO such as UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, the Red Cross and other such organizations. Thus, a good knowledge of French will open job opportunities in these organizations as well.

French is the basis for learning other related languages – When you know French, it becomes very easy to learn other related European languages such as Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, and more.

Universities and colleges offering French language courses

Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania – This College boasts of one of the best French programs offered in the US with many of the alumni started off their career in public health, international relations, and law. There are been many students from this college who have been awarded the Fulbright Teaching Assistantships. Their French training courses are intensive and very effective and the courses are all taken by faculty members and not by graduate students or assistants.

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah – This University offers BA (undergraduate) and MA (graduate) courses in French teaching and in French studies. It also offers opportunities to study abroad as well.

Columbia University, New York – The department that offers French language courses is called Department of French and Romance Philology which attracts intelligentsia from all over the world. Columbia University offers undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. courses as well.

City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, California – The French language courses from this College uses audio-visual resources to enhance the language learning experience.

Drury University, Springfield, Missouri – offers major and minor courses in the French language with a focus on literary and cultural traditions of France and other French-speaking nations.

Duke University, Durham, Durham, North Carolina – The Romance Studies Language Program from Duke University offers a wide variety of French language courses including elementary, intensive, and intermediary levels to suit your needs. The University focuses a lot on the importance of listening skills and participation among students within the classroom for improved learning. These approaches help in the improvement of speaking skills and increase cultural awareness as well.

Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Emphasizing strongly on literature, culture, and language, the courses at Franklin and Marshall College promise to help their students obtain excellent writing, speaking, and comprehension in French. The courses come with real-life learning experiences like dinners and a fun environment is created through active participation and interaction with teaching assistants. The University also offers teaching opportunities for students to teach the basics of the French language in elementary schools.

George Washington University, Washington D.C. – A strong emphasis is laid on French literature in this University and the French courses allow students to pick up powerful writing, reading, and speaking capabilities.

Midlands Technical College, Columbia, South Carolina – offers basic French I and II courses along with a Beginner's Conversational French course. It also offers study-abroad programs in Southern France.

Kenyon Colleg, Gambier, Ohio – The Modern Languages and Literatures Department of Kenyon College offers undergraduate major and minor courses in the French language. Courses include beginners, intermediate intensive, and advance programs allowing you to choose what is most suitable for your needs.

Final Notes

The benefits of being fluent in more than one language are huge. Not only does knowledge of a foreign language enhances your skill sets considerably, it also helps you broaden your economic and cultural horizon. You are able to see and understand how cultures can differ across the world and appreciate the value of diversity on this planet.

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