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Do My English Homework

Do My English Homework

After your high school, you set foot into college feeling very confident of your abilities and proud of your achievements till then. This confidence is actually not unfounded. It is perfectly fine to be proud of yourself as you successfully complete one important milestone in your life and are heading into the next part of your educational journey.

Yet, you must remember that what you did in high school is very different from what you will be expected to do in college. When you hand in your first English homework to your professor in college, you would, perhaps, be happy with your efforts as you replicated everything that was taught to you in high school.

Then, when the homework is returned with red marks all over it, you find yourself quite flummoxed. And you ask, "How then should I Do My English Homework in college?"

English in College Vs English in High School

Time spent with you by your teachers – In high school, you would have had English class every day of the working week whereas, in college, you would have English class only 3 hours per week. The English courseware would be prescribed for an entire year in high school whereas, in college, a much large courseware would be prescribed to be completed within one semester which is usually 16 weeks.

Interaction with teachers – In high school, your classes would happen face to face with your teachers every day. Attending classes is mandated by law. In college, you can opt to enroll for face to face or online classes or hybrid classes (where some classes are face to face and some are online). You are entirely responsible for attending classes and no one will keep track of what you have and what you have not attended.

Use of technology – In high school, a limited knowledge of word processing is needed. You would need to hand over given assignments in class during the class hour. In college, however, you are expected to have a higher level of skill in word processing, know how to manage and work with different types of files, to use computing skills to compose and submit assignments, and access and read online materials available in the library.

Time management – In high school, assignments and deadlines are given throughout the year. Teachers take the responsibility of reminding you about upcoming deadlines. In college, the entire set of assignments along with respective deadlines is given at the start of the semester as professors expect you to manage your own time. Professors will not remind you about any deadlines. It is entirely up to you to diarize and remember to submit every assignment on time every time.

Time for homework and study outside class – In high school, you need to spend about an hour a day to complete revisions and homework given for the day. Moreover, some amount of class time is usually spared to start off your homework.

In college, you are expected to spend about 2-3 hours of revision and self-studying for every hour of class taken. So, there are 3 hours of English classes every week, you are expected to spend nearly 6-9 hours preparing for these classes. There is no way you will be able to start off homework in class.

Help from teachers for assignments and homework – In high school, teachers recommend and provide their help to do your assignments and homework. In college, on the other hand, professors will direct you to the right path. It is entirely up to you to decide when, what, how, and where to get help to complete assignments and homework.

Type of literature used – In high school, English courses usually use only fictional literature for teaching. In college, however, non-fiction essays and books are also part of the courseware.

Extra credits for effort – In high school, you may be given some extra credits to acknowledge your efforts even if the assignment was not perfect. In college, your professors will rarely give you extra credits and only result-oriented efforts are given good grades. Your college professors do recognize your effort but you need to do more than efforts to get better grades.

The length of homework essays – In high school, essays are expected to be about 2-3 pages long containing usually not more than 5 paragraphs. In college, essays are much longer and there is no restraint on the number of paragraphs you use.

Guides and questions – In high school, teachers provide you guide materials and give you questions to work on. In college, course materials are provided. However, as a student, you are expected to critically analyze the given data and arrive at your own questions and subsequent answers based on a broad essay topic that is given.

Grades for homework – In high school, homework is consistently checked and graded and these grades are included in the final course grade. Even an 'F' grade is taken as a passing grade. In college, homework is definitely assigned and you have to submit the same within the deadline. However, the homework may or may not be graded and even if graded, it may not be included in the final transcript grade of the semester. You must get a minimum 'C' grade to pass the course.

Exams and tests – In high school, end of chapter tests are given and there are tests conducting right through the year. In college, there is a limited use of exams and tests and grades are more dependent on the quality and timeliness of submission of your assignments.

Final Notes

While the above list covers broadly the differences between how English is taught in high school and in college and what the expectations in terms of English homework are, it is quite possible that the professor in your particular college manages things a little differently. Let me warn you though. I do not believe it is going to be easier that what I have mentioned in this article.

It is possible that college professors are more stringent than what my article says but is quite unlikely their expectations from college students are lesser. So, there will be times when you are pushed to a corner and ask professional writers like those at Prescott Papers, "Can you please do my English homework for me?" We would be very happy to oblige. We promise to deliver excellent quality and timely work with uncompromising consistency every time.

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