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Do My German Homework

Do My German Homework

The highly globalized world today is open to everyone irrespective of where they come from. Even if you need to contact someone in a remote area of China by sitting in the bustling New York City, you can do it quite easily. The one thing that connects all of us together in the modern day is definitely the internet.

The one thing that has a potential to disconnect us despite the binding power of the internet is the lack of knowledge of languages. Imagine you have been able to connect to an amazing artisan sitting in the remote area of China. He creates wonderful work and you know you have a market for it in New York City. There will be a mad rush for the artisan's work here.

You have reached the man and yet you are unable to explain to him the power he holds in his hands because you do not know his language. You have the power to market and he has the power to create and both of you have the power to connect. Yet there is a gap in communication, isn't it? This gap is the language gap.

Importance of knowing a second language

In today's shrinking economic world, the power of knowing a second language is self-evident. If you had known a little bit of Chinese, you would have an excellent business opportunity. Language helps you communicate effectively and also helps you conduct business in countries which till now were not viable markets.

Language helps you communicate effectively with your customer and your vendor effectively. Speaking in your customer's or vendor's language gives you a competitive edge in the market. Moreover, we are seeing so much of diversity in the world today that it would be foolhardy not to make an effort to learn and imbibe at least a small part of this diverse culture to improve the quality of your life. And for this too, you have to know a second language because language and culture are deeply interconnected.

Another reason to learn and master a second language is based on various scientific researches which have proved that this activity improves the cognitive ability of your brain considerably. Through the learning of a second language, you begin to see links and connections that were not visible to you till now. Understanding a new culture gives you a new perspective to the world and you will be able to identify and spot opportunities that hitherto remained obscure.

So, spend that extra time and effort to learn and master a second language. The advantages are huge. This article is dedicated to the German language and how you can leverage the knowledge the knowledge of German to create better job opportunities for yourself. Of course, the answer to "Can someone do my German homework?" will also be answered.

Why learn German

German is a language that pervades all aspects of our life and hence knowing the German language complements your learning in major subjects including business studies, finance, architecture, engineering, journalism, law, literature, art, philosophy, and more. Many studies vouch for the fact that knowing the German language enriches their professional lives, no matter what the profession is.

German in Academia

German natives occupy a pride of place in the world of art and philosophy. Moreover, there are German speakers who have used their native language to write books and teach a variety of subjects in academics. Germans have contributed immensely to the scientific world through innovations and discoveries.

Scientists and economists from Germany and other German-speaking countries have won the Nobel Prize innumerable times reflecting the power of the German language in academia. Germany and other German-speaking nations such as Austria and Switzerland have world-class top-ranked universities which attract scholars and students from all over the world.

German in Innovation

Innovations by German-speaking inventors are huge and have contributed immensely to help in the welfare of humanity. Here are some examples of German inventions:

  • Alcohol thermometer – Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

  • Dynamo, electric street cars – Werner Siemens

  • Liquid ammonia refrigerator – Carl von Linde

  • Motorcycle, automobile – Daimler

  • Diesel Engine – Rudolf Diesel

  • Spark plugs – Robert Bosch

The above list is very small, indeed. If you do some research, you will see Germans creating innovations in almost every field of study. And most of their innovations are today commonly used gadgets in everyone's homes across the world. Knowing the German language will help you appreciate these things as you will be able to read about these innovations in the original language of creation. This will ensure that nothing is lost to you in translation.

German in art and literature

People from Germany and other German-speaking nations have created works of art and literature that are treated with respect and adoration across the world even today. There are plenty of books being published in German even today. There have been many German-speaking writers who have won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The world of science and philosophy would not have been what it is today if it were not for the contributions of German thinkers and scientists. The works of Hegel, Kant, Nietzsche, Marx, and more have had lasting influences and even today are referred to by scholars all over the world for clarifications and better understanding. Psychologists like Jung and Freud have changed the way we understand human behavior.

The music world is filled with Germans including Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and more. In the world of motion pictures too, Germans are held and continue to be held in high esteem. Knowing German will allows you to access and read the writings and works of these great people in the original language without having to worry about any loss of detail or compromised understanding because of loss in translation.

Use of German Language in the Present-Day World

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. In addition to Germany, it is the official language in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Moreover, many international surveys have revealed that Germany is one of the most liked countries in terms of quality of life, the economic perspective, culture, scientific achievements, ethical values, and tourism. Germany is one of the largest economies in the world. Hence, knowing German will give you an edge to getting better job opportunities in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

Knowing German enhances your business opportunities. There are multiple multinational business options available all across Europe where German is the lingua franca. Knowing German, therefore, will enhance your chances of succeeding in your business. Job opportunities abound too in this region. Companies like Daimler, BMW, Lufthansa, Siemens, Bosch, SAP, and other international players have their headquarters in Germany and other German-speaking European nations.

Even if you are looking for job opportunities in the US, your chances of landing a job with a company that is headquartered in Germany and German-speaking countries are automatically increased if you know German.

German is not as difficult as it appears

If English is your native language, then learning German will be quite easy because the modern version of both the languages have their roots in ancient Germanic. Hence, the two languages share common vocabulary and grammar. Moreover, unlike French, German words are spelled phonetically.

Once you have learned and mastered the basic spelling rules and regulations, you will find it very easy to predict the spelling based on phonetics. Similarly, it is easy to predict the pronunciation of a word based on its spelling.

Final Notes

Considering all the above reasons, it is a very sensible decision to choose German as a second language. However, you are bound to feel the weight of regular homework that requires to be submitted on or before the deadline. While learning and mastering the German language is entirely in your hands, you can ask a professional like Prescott Papers to help you with your German homework.

Our teams of writers and editors will be very happy to help you with all your academic needs. When you hand over the responsibility of your homework to us, you can rest assured that quality work will be delivered to you on or before the agreed deadline.

Homework in college takes up far more time and energy to complete than high school homework. Do feel free to pass on some of your work to our professional and expert writers so that you get more time to do other activities that cannot be delegated to us. Call Prescott Papers for custom essays, research papers, dissertations, homework, and more.

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