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English Essay Writing Service

English Essay Writing Service

Writing an essay has multiple challenges and these challenges are there irrespective of the type of paper you write including a persuasive piece of content or a research paper or anything else. The process of writing an English essay is a long and difficult journey that is fraught with many false starts, long-winding revisions, sourcing materials, citing accurately, creating a thesis statement, and more.

As you write each essay, you will find where you stand as a writer and what are your strengths and weaknesses in the writing process. As you move forward in your English essay writing journey, you will clearly begin to discern those areas which you can do extremely well and which of the places you might need to take the help of English Essay Writing Services.

Challenges of English Essay Writing

Getting Started – This is, perhaps, the first challenge you will face as you make an attempt to create an English essay. This is because, as a newbie writer, you would have sat down at your computer to start writing the essay even before collating necessary information and relevant materials.

The preparation that is needed to be done before the actual writing process is as important as the writing process. Firstly, you must identify the purpose of your essay, brainstorm your points, and collect data that will all help you achieve your goal. For the brainstorming, it is imperative that you allow your thoughts to flow freely without any form of censoring. After this, you sit down to censor the points and choose the best points that meet the purpose of your essay.

Thesis statements – The thesis statement is usually placed at the end of the introduction paragraph and explains to the reader where exactly the essay is going. A clear and specific thesis statement is critical to ensure the thoughts and ideas in your essay get organized flawlessly. You could think of creating a draft of your thesis statement before you start writing the essay. Take the help of your professor or your peers and see how you can make your thesis statement more specific and clearer than the draft. You can contact our thesis writers at Prescott Papers for help too.

Style, voice, and target audience – Academic essays call for a formal third person tone that can be quite a challenge for new essay writers. Many students find it difficult to drop colloquialism, slang words, and conversational words and phrases in their essay which lends a very casual and unprofessional profile to the essay. You must choose words and sentences that are straightforward yet formal and easy to understand by your target audience.

You must also avoid clichés as it presents a very unoriginal perspective. Your style and voice of writing should have a sense of purpose and a clear sense of direction that is reflected in the thesis statement. You must develop an academic style of writing sans social media short-forms and acronyms. The tone should be professional and all forms of casual conversational words and phrases have to be avoided in your English academic essays.

A sense of insecurity and a fear of failure – Another common challenge faced by many college students, this sense of insecurity and fear of failure is deeply rooted because they do not believe in their own writing abilities. This fear could be due to lack of experience in writing or due to a bad experience in the past such as being ridiculed for a bad essay in front of the entire class. These insecurities make students very conscious about expressing themselves in writing which, in turn, curtails and prohibits the thinking process.

You can overcome this challenge by writing a first draft that may not be perfect. But, completing it will give you a sense of motivation that will drive you to read and revise the draft and take it to the next level. This step will further increase your motivation level giving you the confidence to revise and edit your essay again to create a better one than the previous revision. Continuing like this, you will slowly be able to build your confidence levels and overcome your fear of failure.

Citations – Academic writing necessarily calls for citing and documenting referred sources vide in-text citations as well as making a reference on the Works Cited/Reference page of the essay. This task is quite tricky as there are specific formats which have to be followed accurately failing which you could be penalized for plagiarism.

Plagiarism is taken very seriously by all universities and heavy penalties are levied irrespective of your intent. Careful and accurate documentation of sourced materials is a key element in preventing plagiarism in your essays. This can be quite a challenge for new English essay writers. It is important that you spend time and energy to learn and master the art of making accurate citations.

Final Notes

While writing English essays does have its share of challenges and difficulties, they are definitely not insurmountable. You first have to shed inhibitions and make the beginning. Do not allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that writing essays is not your cup of tea. Anyone who can speak can write too. Of course, you have to work hard and persevere so that you improve your writing skills and achieve professionalism.

When you are bogged down, do not hesitate to call our excellent and highly qualified team of writers for English Essay Writing Services. At Prescott Papers, we can help you with custom essays, dissertations, research papers, homework, assignments, and more.

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