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Is Buying A Paper Online Illegal

Is Buying A Paper Online Illegal

Buying a paper online is not illegal. There are legitimate, legal, and logical reasons why it is not illegal to purchase custom papers and essays online. So, there are gray areas on the question of legality, "Is buying a paper online illegal?"

Other questions that are raised on buying papers online include:

  • Is it morally alright to buy academic papers online?

  • Aren't students getting help to cheat?

  • Wouldn't taking the services of online writing services lead to plagiarism?

This article is aimed at giving you some insights to the above questions.

Is it morally alright to buy academic papers online?

This can be easily turned into a debate that sees no consensus no matter how much and how many people argue one way or the other. For students coming from countries where English is not the medium of instruction, the challenges associated with creating college-level content can be quite debilitating. These students might be academically brilliant in their relevant domains and the reason their grades fall is their lack of articulation skills in English.

Moreover, these non-English students find it very difficult to comprehend the basics, leave alone the layered nuances, of a lecture. And sadly, many professors turn a blind eye to the problems of these students. Hence, they are compelled to turn to writing experts who have an entire set of professional writers capable of creating unique and non-plagiarized content for these students.

The other side of the debate will have students whose English skills are great and hence they may not face the challenges of turning out excellent college-grade content. These students will argue that not using professional writers could put them at a disadvantage as their writing content, while good, will never really match that of a professional and seasoned writer. So, buying papers online can create a moral debate that is most likely not going to get any kind of right or wrong final answer.

It would be entirely up to the student to take an informed choice depending on his or her needs and the level of difficulty he or she is facing.

Aren't students getting help to cheat?

This is again a highly moral topic for discussion with very little chance of getting complete support one way or the other. Writing service providers have been accused of helping students who are poor in a subject to cheat at their work. How can students truly learn if someone else does their assignments for them? Yes, this could be a valid question.

However, here is a counter-argument for that. There are many papers that students are expected to clear under the general education requirement that many of them feel are a complete waste of time as they will not be needing any of the things learned there. These students would rather spend time studying and learning their core subjects that will help them land the job of their dreams. These students prefer taking the writing services route to clear assignments given in these general education classes.

Wouldn't taking the services of online writing services lead to plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taken very, very seriously in the world of academics. So, although the debate on the morality can be argued for or against, the concept of plagiarism is rarely taken light by schools and colleges. And academicians are using this concept to fault the online writing services providers.

Without exception, all educational institutions in our country have strict regulations and guidelines to prevent the spread of plagiarism. Contravening this code can lead to temporary suspension and even expulsion for repeat offenders. However, today, with the growth of technology, plagiarism is easily caught.

Documents copied and pasted can be easily verified and both students and academicians are well-versed in these technological processes. So, more and more writing service providers are ensuring that essays and assignments are free from plagiarism. Moreover, there are various ways to avoid writing plagiarized content and here are a few of them that are effectively used by reputed writing service providers:

Paraphrase – Suppose you find something that fits your paper perfectly and you want to use it. Read it thoroughly. Understand its import and then write in your own words using the basic idea that you have read. Do not copy verbatim even two consecutive words in your text from the source which could potentially result in your work getting the "plagiarized" tag.

Quote – You are free to quote a source without changing a single word and exactly as it is appearing in the source. However, most reputed institutions look down on the usage of quotes that are over 40 words in length. Institutions believe that good scholars should be able to rewrite anything based on their own understanding and interpretation. Remember that when you do quote, you must do it correctly and exactly as in the source to prevent receiving plagiarism allegations.

Cite – This is one of the most effective and approved forms of using avoiding plagiarism. Depending on the citing format which includes APA, Chicago, MLA, etc, you are required to cite your sources correctly. These cites ideally include the name of the author, the year of publication, the name of the publisher, page number from where you have used the information, and even a link to the source (if taken from the internet).

Citing your own data or material – Even if you are using data from your own text or paper, you must cite it just like how you would cite material of other people. Although this might seem a little funny to you, using your own material written previously is called self-plagiarism and this is also not acceptable by institutions.

Citing Quotes – Citing a quote involves adding a paragraph number and page number of the source that you are quoting. This is different from citing paraphrased material which would need you to simply follow the citing formats.

Referencing – Including a page at the end of your writing content which contains a comprehensive list of all the sources that you have used is the most effective way to avoid being alleged of plagiarism. This page should also follow the format of the referencing style that is consistent with the rest of your content. The data in the reference page regarding the source is far more specific and detailed as against in-text cites.

While there are gray areas that are debatable for and against with regard to what is moral and what is not in buying academic papers online, there is little doubt that there are umpteen benefits in doing so.

Benefits of buying a paper online

When you hand over the responsibility to an expert to do your paper, you can use the freed up time to do something that is more useful to you like preparing harder for the final exam or participating in more extracurricular activities that will help in adding value to your resume.

  • You will have an array of professional and qualified writers who can go a great job of your paper. You will even be able to choose the writer to do your job based on their professional degree and experience.

  • Many of the service providers are genuine and legitimate entities who truly want to help students during their hectic college days. They have an excellent customer support team who will clear all doubts that you may have before you gave them an order for a paper.

  • Good and reputable service providers will customize the paper to suit your needs and requirements and will follow the instructions given by your college perfectly.

  • Once you receive the paper, you can do what you want with it. You are free to make changes as you deem fit and/or use it as a template for future projects. This particular paper will not be used again ever for any other student request.

  • As the paper will be done by professionals, it is bound to be free from all kinds of errors and having access to this template can be a source of inspiration and guidance for your college writing needs.

  • Most of the services providers are quite affordable and secure. Your requests and your personal details are kept confidential and not shared on any public platform.

Final Notes

Prescott Papers was set up with the express purpose of helping students with their academic writing work entirely within the legal framework and our experienced and qualified writers are trained for this. Do not hesitate to contact us for any and all your college writing needs including custom essays, assignments, research papers, and more.

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