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Is It Legal to Buy a College Degree?

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Nowadays, there are shortcuts to doing everything. This includes buying college degrees without doing any work. These are fake college degrees that you can obtain for a large amount of money instantly or in a very short period of time. Per an article written by Mark Tutton at CNN, there is a “multi-million-dollar fake degree industry”, where people “beef up their resume by buying a fake degree." (http://www.cnn.com/2010/BUSINESS/01/11/fake.college.degrees/). There are websites that offer these fake degrees to unsuspecting people.

But, is it legal to buy a fake college degree? The act of buying a fake degree is legal, what really matters is how that fake degree is used. If someone buys a fake degree, and then uses it for entertainment or novelty purposes only, that is not illegal. However, it is not legal when that degree is used to misrepresent yourself and to gain employment opportunities. You are committing an act of fraud. For instance, someone buys a Bachelor of Education degree, and then tries to use that degree to obtain a job at an elementary school teaching kids.

There is no federal law that prohibits the use of fake degrees because there is no federal law against the diploma mills that issues those fake degrees in the first place. Certain states, such as Michigan, North Dakota, and Texas, have laws that make it illegal to use these fake degrees from diploma mills and unaccredited institutions. In those states, when someone uses a fake degree in a way that is not compliant with the laws of those states, they are performing an illegal act. For example, according to About.com, in New Jersey, “Diploma mill degrees may not be used in relation to businesses, trades, professions, and occupations.” (http://distancelearn.about.com/od/distancelearning101/a/diplomamill_law.htm). But not all states have laws against these fake degree programs nor do they regulate the use of fake degrees.

There are no legitimate ways of obtaining a college degree without doing the work. The only college degrees that are sold instantly or in very little time with no work needed are fake college degrees. However, there are legitimate ways of obtaining a college degree in a lesser amount of time, such as taking College Level Exam Program tests to test out of classes, and taking short, but accelerated classes. With both of those options, you are still putting in the work by studying and working on assignments.

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College Degree Laws - Scales of Justice

So, is it illegal to buy a college degree? No. But the real question should be: is it illegal to use a fake college degree? It’s not the act of buying the product itself that’s illegal, it’s how you use it.

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