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Are College Paper Services Legit?

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When this question, “are college paper services legit?” is asked, what is really in question here is the academic legitimacy of these services. First we’ll look into the argument that college paper services are not academically legit and evaluate the evidence for this position. There are many academic professionals that hold this position because they consider the usage of these college paper services to be unethical. After all, it does not seem right for students to pay money to have someone do their work for them while other students put in the hard work themselves. Why should this type of service be considered legitimate in the academic sense? It’s not fair. The following are some arguments against the academic legitimacy of college paper services

  1. If a student has someone else write their essay, they will never learn how to make their writing better, nor will they learn the material. For example, if you have to write a paper on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and you just pay for someone else to write it, you won’t effectively learn that concept. Professors assign essays because they want to see how you can effectively develop your ideas in written form. Writing essays allows you to develop your written communication skills and your organizational skills. That’s because it’s expected that your essay be organized and the ideas presented connect to each other in some way. Professors want to see in your paper that you understand the material they are teaching. They want to see that you can use transitions effectively. They feel if you use a college paper service, you are cheating yourself out of practicing those skills.

  2. The essay that comes from a college paper service will not be reliable. There are school administrators who consider the claims made by college paper services that their work is original to be fake. You can’t blame them for this, because there are college paper services out there that are complete scams and produce low-quality work.

  3. These fake papers, as some professors call them, won’t be a match for the assignment.

  4. The papers are re-sold, even the ones that were presented to you as being original

  5. There may be parts of papers that are used in several papers.

  6. It’s plagiarism, which is considered by every college and university to be an academic crime. That is because you are claiming work you haven’t actually done to be yours. This is the most important reason why college paper services are not considered academically legitimate.

It’s understandable where these arguments come from. There are college paper services that just offer up “ready to go” papers. Those kinds of college paper services are not legit because:

  1. You’ll have a hard time finding an already completed paper that fulfills the requirements of the assignment exactly. Professors tend to word paper assignment instructions to avoid being generic. Then they can grade you based on how well you follow those instructions, among other criteria. For instance, you may be taking a class on the American Revolution and need to write an essay about Alexander Hamilton. Your professor’s instruction won’t just say to write an essay about Alexander Hamilton. It will give more specific instructions such as writing about the policies that Hamilton supported, or what he was specifically against.

  2. The papers are resold. When you buy a “ready to go” paper as opposed to one that is not written until you order it, you will most likely be using an essay that has also been used by other students. In other words, the work will be plagiarized. If you are caught plagiarizing work, you can be expelled from school. Your academic reputation will be ruined. To make matters worse, one of the previous students who used that completed essay you bought could have turned in the same paper at turnitin.com. If your professor has you turn it in the same way, they’ll see from the originality report that it matches a previous paper. Your college experience can be over at that point.

Now, let’s consider the following question: are college paper services legitimate if they only produce original, custom essays that are not written until you place the order? The answer is yes.

College Paper Services are Legitimate

There are college paper services that only offer up custom college papers. Those are the legitimate college paper services. One such example is Prescott Papers. This is a confidential service that offers custom work only.

First, how does Prescott Papers ensure maintaining the legitimacy of their service. Their website is completely secure with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. You can see this in Google Chrome. When you are at www.prescottpapers.com, there’s a lock icon next to the web address in the toolbar. You just have to click on the icon to see that the website is completely private. To see more information, you just have to click the Details link, and you’ll see that the website has a valid certificate and does have a secure TLS connection. This helps Prescott Papers keep their promise of maintaining 100% confidentiality.

Second, the writers at Prescott Papers only produce unique work that cannot be traced back to their website in any way. Our elite writers are forbidden from plagiarizing any of the work that they are doing for you. The work is done by Ivy-League level graduates and professors. These scholars are experts in their chosen field of study. They have experience writing college papers and know how to put their knowledge of the subject of your paper into their own words. Plus, they are experienced at conducting fast and reliable research to find out more information about a subject if they need to.

There is also the argument by academic professionals that it is plagiarism to claim credit for work that is not your own. Yes, the custom papers done by the writers at Prescott Papers are the work of the writers. However, we also offer unlimited edits and revisions on all papers that we do for you. You can make the work you receive from us your own by looking over it and requesting any changes that need to be made. Prescott Papers wants to help you maintain your academic integrity. That is why they offer unlimited revisions. But it is up to user to continue being proactive as well.

How else do you know that Prescott Papers is legit? They offer a risk-free way of trying out their services. You can try them out with no money upfront. This makes them different from those other college paper services that don’t have this option. A service that is not legit is not likely to offer this service because it will only prove that you will get bad, illegitimate work from them. Prescott Papers offers this service because they know you’ll get well-organized and custom work from the writers they hire.

You can also do your part to ensure you’re using a legit college paper service. First, as mentioned earlier, you can look over the work that you receive back and do these things:

  1. Ensure that it is original work by running your own plagiarism checks.

You can put segments of the paper at a time into Google to see if anything comes back as an exact match in the search results. You can buy credits at www.copyscape.com, and compare the entire text of the paper against the entire web.

  1. Ensure that you will be able to still make the work your own.

As mentioned earlier, Prescott Papers offers unlimited edits and revisions for free with each order. This enables you, the customer, to be more proactive in making the work your own. It’s best to look over each work you receive from a custom college paper service to ensure it is close to your own style of writing, and that it can’t be traced back to the actual writer. It is your responsibility to ask for those edits and revisions and to be specific in the instructions you give in your order. After all, the writers at Prescott Papers cannot read your mind. This is another way to help maintain your academic integrity.

One more thing to consider about the college paper services you use is the legal ramifications. Plagiarism, while not a civil or criminal offense, can still be illegal if it violates the copyright of the original author. By using a paper from a college paper service that is not legit, you may end up in court, which is even worse than just getting expelled from school. You might even end up having to pay a lot of money to the original author of the material that was copied. This is why it’s important to be careful when choosing a college paper service to use. The possible legal ramifications can be easily avoided by using a legit college paper service like Prescott Papers.

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