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Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

Instead of answering your question, "Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?" I would like to look at extremely valid reasons as to why students turn to writing services for help. After that, you can arrive at your own conclusion whether essay writing services are ethical or not based on your own core values.

However, I would like to reiterate at this juncture, that no bona fide writing services company is illegal as all of them help students write academic works but are not responsible for the end use of the product.

Reasons why students turn to essay writing services

Time is of the essence

For a college student, the most valuable thing is time. There is so much to be accomplished in so little time that most students find it very difficult to maintain college-level standards and/or meet required time deadlines. When students are faced with the onslaught of multiple essay writing tasks with overlapping deadlines, they invariably turn to writing services for some amount of help.

Difficulty in writing college-level essays

Many students, especially the foreign students, find it very difficult to produce college-level essays because their native language is not English. In fact, some of them could be subject experts and are great at grasping and understanding the course, but due to their lack of good written English skills, these students end up with poor grades. Such students also turn to professional help for essay writing.

The saved time can be used for more productive work

Many students feel the pinch of having to do multiple general education courses that do not have any direct benefit to them. They are compelled to do these courses only because of educational regulatory requirements. Many students choose to overcome the challenges of general education courses by handing over writing work to professionals so that they can use the saved time to focus on their major subjects that have a direct impact on their resume.

Reduce stress

The innumerable classes to attend, the innumerable assignments to complete, the umpteen extracurricular activities that add value to a resume, and a decent work-life balance: trying to juggle all these aspects stresses out many students which, in turn, ruins their college life. In fact, there are many students who give up college halfway through because they are unable to cope with the associated stress.

For such students, the availability of a good and trustworthy essay writing service can immensely helpful as they can help in reducing some amount of burden and thus relieve some amount of stress, at least till the student finds the will and strength to do everything by himself or herself.

Writing work is the only task that can be delegated to someone else

There are multiple college activities already listed in this article including attending classes, preparing for and clearing tests, completing assignments and papers, extracurricular activities, and more. The only work that a college student can delegate is writing work. They will have to necessarily do all the other activities on their own. And if they cannot delegate even writing work, then completing a college program successful is very unlikely.

Final Notes

It is an irrefutable fact that college students today have too many assignments and papers and essays to complete and too little time to finish them satisfactorily. The desperation of this situations does drive students to writing services and a reputed and popular service provider promises and delivers high-quality and plagiarism-free content.

The idea of ethics is a very subjective and personal one and can hardly be discussed in an objective manner especially on the face of such high levels of stress and pressures that a college student faces today. Ethics differ from person to person and are part of an individual's psyche which has developed over years of societal and family conditioning.

Legality, on the other hand, is more objective and can be easily discussed and a consensus arrived at. Legally, writing services are not doing anything wrong. A good writing services company helps a student with any given writing work and delivers the service that it promises at the beginning of the contract. It is the student's imperative as to how he or she plans to use the writing work.

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