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Are Essay Writing Services Legit

Are Essay Writing Services Legit

The answer to your question, "Are Essay Writing Services Legit" is a resounding yes! Essay writing services are very legitimate and have been established here to help students with all their academic writing work.

However, not ALL essay writing services are genuine. Some of them are a façade to gather personal information about students for other purposes and some of them are bad-quality agencies that will not hesitate to cut corners to make their businesses viable.

It is up to you as a student wanting to hire an essay writing service to find out how good or bad the firm is before hiring them. I hope to answer the following questions in this article so that you can discern between a good essay writing service agency from a bad one.

What are the features of a good writing service agency?

How to find a good essay writing service?

What are the features of a good writing service agency?

Access to customer support 24/7 – This reflects the confidence of the essay writing agency. The fact that their customer support team is always available on call means that the agency is ready to handle any kind of emergency work at any point of time. Also, with a 24/7 customer support backup, you can follow up with your work every day and know the exact status at any time.

Additionally, it is possible that some last-minute problem or change of instruction has come from your professor. You should have access to the customer support team so that you can immediately pass on the details of this change to be incorporated into your essay. Open communication is a critical element in deciding the reliability and quality of a good essay writing service provider.

Absolutely no plagiarized content delivered – You can rest assured that an established and popular writing service company will never dream of delivering recycled or plagiarized content. They know that their reputation is at stake and they will not let anything like plagiarism go amiss. Yet, it is important that you check and verify that plagiarized content will not be submitted.

Many essay writing agencies have access to multiple plagiarism detection software and they will gladly attach reports for you to check before submitting the paper to your professor for grading.

Timely deliverance – Ideally, there should not be a single instance of delayed delivery as seen in the reviews. If the best of essays is submitted after the deadline, it will have no value for you as most professors are very strict about not accepting any late submissions. Even if some professors do agree to take a late submission, there will be a penalty of some form (perhaps, a reduction in grade) levied. So, please ensure that the essay writing service you choose to go with has a history of timely deliverance.

Quality content – This means the instructions given by you at the beginning of the contract should have been followed to the T. All mechanics of writing including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure should be flawless. The flow of content in the essay should be seamless.

Be careful about any hidden charges – While most established writing service agencies are upfront about their charges, there could be a few where hidden charges that you may have missed initially. Please ask about any such charges in the beginning itself so that there are no unpleasant surprises midway through the order.

Unlimited free revisions – This is another feature that only a really confident essay writing service will provide. The agency is so confident about the quality of its writers and the excellent result they produce they do not expect many revisions from their clients. So, keep a watch out for this offer.

Privacy protection – A well-established essay writing service will never compromise on this aspect and they will take complete onus for ensuring privacy protection for their clients and their personal information. Yet, at the time of talking to the customer support team representative, make sure that this point is clarified by them. Being reliable is a key element to being qualified as a good essay writing agency.

Read the examples on the website – A reputed essay writing agency will have excellent samples displayed on its website. Ensure you read all the samples and you are completely satisfied with the quality. Remember that it is very likely that you will be getting similar quality of content. So, please do not hesitate to read all the samples put up on the agency's website to gauge the quality of work.

How to find a good essay writing service?

The internet is the best place for you to find a good essay writing service. You can also ask your peers and seniors if they have used the services of any essay writing service and if they will recommend them. Once, you have about 4-5 on your list, look out for the following features on their website:

  • How many years of experience do they claim they have? Can you verify that on the website? For example, are there reviews which go back to those many years too?

  • 24/7 customer support should be available. In fact, start a chat and see how long they take to respond to your first chat.

  • Unlimited free revisions is a definite sign of good quality

  • You can directly talk to the writer who is doing your work for you

  • 100% custom written paper is guaranteed

Final Notes

Well-established and popular essay writing services are as easy to find as fraudulent agencies. It is, therefore, critical that you do a good amount of research before you choose to hire any essay writing service. Check for all the features mentioned in this article and ensure that your research questions cover them in detail so you are thoroughly satisfied with the veracity and capability of the essay writing service.

At Prescott Papers, you will find that we meet all the above-listed features. We have an unending list of extremely satisfied clientele who have left behind excellent reviews. Our writers are experienced and qualified to handle academic writing across various subjects. Do not hesitate to contact us for custom essays, projects, assignments, dissertations, research papers, term papers, and more.

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