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Essay Writing Service Scams

Essay Writing Service Scams

Like other services available through the internet, essay writing service scams also exist. In fact, they don't merely exist, they abound! It is up to you as a student to ensure that you have done your homework properly before you choose to hand over your essay writing work to any service provider.

Potential problems associated with essay writing services

Scams – As mentioned above, you can come across scamsters while you are looking for essay writing services providers. Especially on the internet, you are prone to falling prey to many related scams as well. At one click, you are actually giving access to personal information to a third party.

You can take the following precautions so that you do not fall into any scam trap:

  • To ensure that you do not fall prey to dubious writing service providers, research the company thoroughly before handing over any work to them.

  • Question them thoroughly and even if one reasonable question of yours does not get you a direct and straightforward answer, then you must delve further. Else, simply avoid the concerned writing services firm

  • Another point to set you off thinking something is wrong is if the company asks for irrelevant and too much of information about yourself. The irrelevant kind of data could include your social security number, your bank details, etc. Writing services companies will not need these kinds of data and hence you must be aware that this could be a scam.

Low-quality services – There are a few essay writing services out there that may not scam you, but deliver very low quality of work which will be of no use to you. More often than not, these service providers employ unqualified and inexperienced and non-Native English writers to get their work done at a seemingly cheap rate.

Many times, these dubious service providers will churn essays and give you essays that were written for other students or give your essay to other students when they make their request. Such activities will result in plagiarism which is totally unacceptable. You can check use the following details to check for the genuineness and quality of work:

  • Ask for and scrutinize the free samples. Invariably, the websites will have free samples readily available to help you gauge the service provider's competence. If samples are not available, then it is quite likely that the company is incapable of delivering quality work.

  • Check for free items that the service provider will offer. Good quality providers will charge a little more than dubious ones, but are quite liberal in giving you some free items such as free title page, free revisions (a stipulated number within a stipulated time, of course), free referencing page, etc.

  • Most good service providers will have a great customer support that you can connect to through chats and emails 24/7

Avoid plagiarized content writers – One way of checking this is by having a membership account with one or more of the plagiarism checking software programs. You can run the essay that has been given to you and see if the content appears anywhere else in the online world. However, this might not really be necessary with good, reputed service providers.

Many of provider (maybe for a cost or as part of the service) will be willing to give you plagiarism reports along with your completed work. You can use these reports to confirm the uniqueness and originality of your work.

Final Notes

As long as there are people in the world to be fooled, there will be people who will hazard fooling around. It is very important to be careful of such dubious service providers and ensure that you do not fall into their trap wittingly or unwittingly.

While there are problems and challenges of going with an essay writing provider, there are some great benefits including saving a lot of time, getting your work done by a professional and thereby having improved chances of scoring a good grade.

At Prescott Papers, we have a dedicated team of professional, qualified, and experienced writers who can help you with all your academic writing needs across subjects and courses. You can see testimonials from our earlier customers and come to your own conclusion about our expertise and worth in the market. Do not hesitate to contact us for custom essays, assignments, projects, and more.

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