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How Important Is Attending Class In College?

How Important is Attending Class in College?

With the start of college life comes a flood of changes in a student's life. From increased independence to increase responsibility, and everything in between. While these things might become easier to deal with, with the passage of time, but in the beginning, things can go out of control and fast. Such is the age of the college student that the temptations are many and restrictions are minimum. However, they cannot be always blamed for it, as all adults have passed through that age and know what it feels like. Neither can we always take all the blame away from them, as they are transitioning into becoming functional adults and that requires effort and a display of enormous responsibility on their part.

That, with the combination of support and understanding from the family, and good companies can do wonders for you. Things, however, aren't always that simple. Once a college student de-tracks, not only is it difficult for others to guide him, but it is extremely difficult for him as well to change himself. This period of time is around the same when the basis of your adult life and the foundations of your habits are laid.

Due to the open environment of college, many students find it hard to concentrate. Often, they get side-tracked by suddenly being provided with all this freedom and find it hard to resist the temptations. With almost no one to supervise them, sometimes not even parents, and so much going on-campus, finding a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities isn't always an easy task. However, as important as studies might be, these activities are no less important either. The key here, is to find the right balance. Aimed at the student's development in various areas depending upon what kind of activity you take up, these activities are often the difference between an a book-worm and an active student. Sometimes just the variety of things you can participate in is huge, you have all sorts of options from sports till debates and organizing college events. In my opinion, this type of an experience will give you unprecedented learning in terms of skills development and confidence building. These traits, in return, can land you in places that just rote learning or memorization never will.

When talking about freedom in College life, the first and foremost is the freedom to take or skip classes. And that alone is enough to keep student's lingering at the end of temptation, all through out at least the first semester. It is only after the first few semesters that these students actually realize the implication of this action. And by then, it is often too late to change what's already been done in the first few semesters.

Unfortunately for the students, classes also seem to be one of the most important aspects of college. It is in these classes that your academic progress is measured throughout college and even after that. It is in this classes that you will learn all the practical and theoretical knowledge that will later lead you to a successful career, when the time comes. Do you think missing these very classes will ever be a good idea? Apparently a lot of students seem to think so. This might be one of the reasons why most of them are barred from taking examinations due to shortage of attendance in these courses, in the most extreme cases.

Not only is that just a stupid thing to do, it is bound to cost you a lot too, in terms of time, money and effort. If you're making the effort of waking up every day and going to college, why not make it worth the while and attend the classes? Even if you cease to wake up for class every day, you are still investing a lot of time and money in the institute.

Various students have various issues and reasons for not taking classes, while some are just unable to develop interest in the course being taught in class. In that case, there is a chance that the problem is on the part of the teacher, or on the part of the student, maybe he simply does not want to develop an interest in the course? Whatever the reason might be for not taking these classes, one thing is for sure, the student is the one who faces the consequences, which are often unforeseen.

Apart from the fact that by missing classes, a student lags behind in covering the said course and understanding the lecture, which will eventually lead to his academic downfall, there are various other reasons. Another reason why you should never intentionally miss a class in college is the fact that the knowledge being taught there is available nowhere else. You can search Google all you want but you will never get the experienced word of a teacher. A student that rarely comes to class is not only suspicious to the teacher but to the fellow students as well. There is no easier way to put a bad image of yourself in the teacher's mind than by being consistently absent from class.

Not only does that effect you academically, it does so socially too, as consistent lack of presence in the class will most probably alienate you among the students and prevent you from making any friends in the class. Rather than running the risk of being unable to sit in the exam, is it really not easier to conserve and manage the amount of classes that you're officially allowed to miss, so that if the need actually arises to take a few days off or there is an emergency that requires you to skip class, then you can actually do it without having to worry about attendance issues?

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