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I Slept Through My Alarm And Missed Class

I slept through my alarm and missed class.

It was Friday. "Thank God it's Friday", I thought to myself. I was happy not because class will be ending for the week, nor that I'll be missing my friends, nor for the reason of waking up early to dress up for school. The main reason for my happiness is that today is the one day that I have free. I will be busy throughout the weekend as the weekend is already filled with many activities. Saturday is my mom's birthday, preparation for our church anniversary too was there as I was given the responsibility for the lead singer in the choir. I really look forward to a great weekend not knowing the effect will be on the following week ahead.

Gladly moving from my workspace in the class after the day was over in school, I packed my books and headed for home, looking forward to the weekend. My mom and I had our plans already and will be celebrating in our garden inviting few of our friends to celebrate with us. On getting home on Friday, my mom had been expecting me and she warmly received me to join her in the preparation once I'm done changing my wears. I was very excited seeing the "little" decoration already put in place. Tomorrow will be very memorable, I concluded. As I was returning from my room to join her in the remaining preparation, I remembered I'll also need to get to church and get prepared for the final choir practice which I know will also be a long one as well. "Am prepared already for this weekend", I said to myself. My mom and I worked till late in the evening from trimming the flowers to wetting, decorations and as well getting to the grocery store for stuff we need to make her birthday memorable. We were set for the day.

On Saturday, as early as 5am, we had woken up and after praying together, dad and mom delegated work remaining from the previous day (Friday) among my two younger siblings and me. We were glad to be occupied and by 5pm, I'll be leaving for the choir rehearsal. My younger brother has a beautiful sense of color mix. He took up the interior decoration of the living room as guests will pass through the place before heading for the garden within the compound. He was to put some flowers on the table and as well with some balloons and ribbons around the room. My youngest sister was assigned to be with mom throughout her cooking and help her adequately with whatever she needed there. My dad and I worked in the garden brushing every grasses remaining for the whole place to be set. We worked with the time set for everybody to complete their chores by 10am as friends and families would start streaming in by 11am. We were all chatting, working and it was fun as dad was bringing memories of vacation we've had together, funny experiences. It has been very lovely having a loving family and wonderful parents.

"Wow! It's almost 10:00 AM", I screamed as we were engrossed in having a colorful preparation and perceiving irresistible aroma from the kitchen. All is set. We rushed to dress for the party as some close friends had already called they are on the way to our house.

At some minutes to 11am, they arrived and the house was full. The party commenced and it was really fun, seeing family members who have been away for such a long time and meeting my cousins who I'd really missed. We chatted, dinned and wined till 2:00 PM that the birthday party was brought to a close but the memories cannot be forgotten. I was glad as I'll be able to relax before the rehearsal and have time to practice alone as well.

We started packing the used dishes and putting our house back in order as we had messed up the whole house for the birthday party. Cleaning was done and at some minutes to 4pm, we were done with the hectic task and I need to get ready for church. "If there will be one thing I really crave for now, it's going to be rest", I murmured to myself as I was already exhausted. I must not disappoint tomorrow as well. I was able to meet up with the rehearsal and it was a great time there as well. Ended 8pm as speculated and it had really been a long Saturday.

Church service was awesome as lives were blessed with the ministration I led. I was amazed and happy. This weekend has been worthwhile. I remembered of a sudden I have two assignments to submit on Monday. I rushed home to start the assignments as soon as I could.

I was able to finish around 2:00 AM on Monday morning.

Now, am completely exhausted. I laid to rest and set for school. We had our family devotion at 5am. Thereafter dad and mom explained they'll leaving for an urgent rip by 6am and left the responsibility to me to take care of my younger ones and make sure they weren't late for school. I went back to bed to start preparing but unfortunately I slept off. I slept through my alarm and missed class.

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