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I Slept Through My First Class... Help?

I Slept Through My First Class... Help?

Sleeping through the first lesson of the day can happen to any student. Your alarm can ring and you accidentally hit snooze for about four to five times before eventually turning off the alarm. Before you know it, your roomie is actually waking you up for lunch. I know what you're thinking. You think you're a lost cause, or helpless. Not at all. Sleeping through your first class does not in any way mean you are a waste of an abominable sum of tuition money.

You have no reason to panic. It is something almost every student will most likely experience at least once. A week of the semester have passed away and you are yet to get your shit together. Your damn crafty eyelids won't just slide up in time for you to meet up with class. It may even be your brain that has a habit of deceiving you that sleeping for ten more minutes from 7:30 to 7:40 will be really wonderful. Before you know it, it is already 11:25. How did this happen?

One time is quite understandable, but making it a regular habit may be bad. The good news is, I have a solution for you. The first things to do after sleeping through your first class is to call or text your colleagues in class asking them what you missed. If it was just a normal day of taking notes and lecture, just breathe a sigh of relief. Do on to schedule a meet with anyone of them. With this, you will be able to get the notes from your colleagues. Let me now tell you some of the precautions you can take to prevent something of such from happening in the nearest future:

Are you finding it hard to wake up? Set an alarm.

This solution looks a lot simple and easy. The funny thing is only a few people remember to set their alarms before going to bed. How do you expect yourself to wake possibly wake up on time if you fail to set an alarm?

Asides this, many are of the habit of mixing AM with PM. They can go on to set their alarm to 8:00 PM instead of 8:00 AM. Then you begin to wonder "what happened this time around? But I set the alarm." If your clock is not in the 24hr format, remember to always check if your alarm is AM or PM before going to bed. Not only should you set your alarm, set it for the right time.

Is a simple alarm not enough? Set a LOUD alarm.

Clock radios usually come with really annoying buzzers. They will work brilliantly since they can be really loud. Loud enough to interrupt your sleep; loud enough to interfere with that sweet dream of yours, but if you insist "It's not 1990, do people still have clock radios?" This should not even be a problem. Phones now come with lots of annoying ringtones and sounds. They can serve as alternatives for this purpose.

However, try as much as possible not to even think of selecting one of your favorite songs as your alarm tone. This will be a big mistake. You will get engrossed with the tune, you may even end up forgetting that it's an alarm. Of what point is it then? Scan through your alarm tone, select a tune loud enough to make up throw away those sheets and stand up for the day.

Have a roommate send a singing telegram.

Ordinarily, telling your roommate to wake you up should be enough, but what if you go on to despise resent their voice. You may begin to see such as person as the one interrupting your sleep. There may be a possibility of dislike or hatred to arise from this. The best thing to do is to have your roommate send you a singing telegram anytime it is time for you to wake up. Even if you are annoyed, will you be annoyed at your phone?

Is the snooze button your best friend? Hide the alarm the night before.

Another thing that is common between students is turning off the alarm even while sleeping. They just know how to trace the snooze button or turn the alarm off even with their eyes closed. The key to stopping yourself from doing this is by hiding the alarm. With your alarm hidden, you will be forced to get out of bed and find it. This may be a pain in the ass, but it works wonders. But hide it close by. Even though it may be hidden away from your reach, it is still loud enough to wake you up.

Is a single alarm not enough? Set multiple alarms the night before.

If a single alarm is not enough to get you to stand up from the bed, set three or more alarms with an interval of 3 - 5 minutes. As the alarms continue to ring and interrupt your sleep, you will later find it hard sleeping back. With this, you have no option than to stand up and prepare for classes.

Is your bed too comfortable?

Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to get out of bed for class? This may be because you make your bed too damn comfortable. Try making your sleep area comfortable on weekdays, you can stuff your bed with books, clothes and so on. You can even go on to sleep on the floor. Just find a method that will make you discontinue your sleep after a certain number of hours.

Go to bed early

As the saying goes "early to bed early to rise". The body needs a sleep of at least eight hours on daily basis. Once it is getting late between 9 – 10PM, leave whatever you are doing and go to bed. Sleep early enough so that you will be able to wake up early.

Stop sleeping.

The easiest way to not sleep through class is not to sleep. Problem solved. You have to discipline yourself. Once it is morning, just get up from bed. Set yourself a couple of punishments for waking up late. You can decide that anytime you sleep through class, some community services, or picking through the streets. With this in mind, you will find it easy to wake up.

There you have it. If none of the above solutions work, I may not be in a position to help you then. But I heard people are paid to sleep in some countries, why don't you consider trying that out? Will you be able to motivate yourself to stand up from bed in search of this country?

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