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Is It Okay To Skip College Classes Once In Awhile?

Is it okay to skip college classes once in a while?

For most students, College is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of their lives. Things are finally starting to go their way. As teenagers, rebellion had never been far away and College is the time in their life when all that rebellion seems to be finally starting to bear fruit. Freshmen are unaware that this comes with a package. It is most usually not the rebellious attitude that is starting to bear fruit, but the fact that society is starting to realize that they are starting to grow up into a phase of life where too much strictness does not do any good. Hence, around the time college approaches, the reins are starting to gradually loosen up. As important as these reins are in the teenage, this is the time when people are starting to cut you some slack and leave you be. Most people do realize that this is a rather crucial time period of life, but hey, that doesn't mean it's not the most fun part either.

So basically, it's a paradox that the young students are facing. They're often told that this is the time of their lives that will either make or break them. It is what they do in this period of their time that will echo in the rest of their life. As bitter pill as it is to swallow, this is also around the same time when these teenagers are transitioning into becoming young adults. And that means a lot of things. The measure of responsibility does go up a notch or two as there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of, but on the other hand, the measure of freedom given to these young adults in going off the charts. These are pretty much the only few years where late-teenagers are often over-heard telling to their parents, 'Hey! I'm not a kid anymore, I can take care of myself'. Even though that is mostly said with a hint of achievement and self-praise, as if they had something to do with growing up, but little do these youngsters know that being an adult means more responsibility than fun. But for these few years, all that responsibility can wait.

While some of the students have the added advantage(as they see it) of having to leave home in pursuit of higher education, others are generally provided a higher degree of freedom even at home. They can stay out late, drive around and maybe spend some extra cash. Even at times, they are let off the hook for something they might have been punished severely a few years ago, just because 'He's a big boy now'. Little do these kids know, this has got to do more with their parents fearing a reaction towards punishment, rather than independence.

While the atmosphere at school was often strictly controlled, things at college are something else completely! The first week of college is often spent in awe of the place, its atmosphere and people. It's like a completely different planet. People are roaming around like they are on vacation, couples are dating, and grim faced administration keeping an eye on students is no-where to be seen! And for the first time in their lives, students are given the free will to take or leave a class, or even walk out without asking the teacher!

Once again, little do these kids know. It might be a completely different system but the stress continues to gnaw at you like never before! With that freedom comes a lot of responsibility in terms of academics. The teachers are often relaxed and lenient and mostly don't even care if you're making notes or not, but that means you actually have to keep up with them at your own. Same goes for assignments and quizzes, you would rather sleep at home than give this 'stupid' quiz? Be my guest, but you're not getting marked!

Colleges have a limit set for minimum percentage of attendance until you are barred from giving that course's exam. Nobody ever forces you to take classes but that attendance sheet! Usually, there's a liberal number of classes you can miss before you hit that percentage, all in interest of the student. Keeping track of these absents, is your responsibility. And with that, comes the dilemma, 'To take or to sleep?'

Most students often lose this war to sleep. But provided the number of absents you can have before you're unable to take the exam, I think there's a way to manage your attendance issues very easily. That is, know how much more your percentage can take and don't miss any classes. That is exactly how you get yourself to stay above that percentage. I'm not saying you should have a 100% in all courses, but be conservative about taking those holidays. That means, don't miss class until you absolutely have to, and you'll be fine. Most students are foolish enough to run out of their attendance in the first one or two months of the semester, and they are bound to make an extra effort to not miss even one more the rest of the semester. And if they do, 4-5 months of hard work goes to waste, not to mention the amount of money spent on registering for that course.

The perfect way to go about this problem is, like I said before, be conservative about your attendance. For as long as you can, don't miss a single class. What that will do, is that it will give you leverage. Leverage to miss as many classes as you want when the time comes. God forbid, what if some emergency were to come up and you couldn't miss a single class? What if you got sick the night before the last class of the semester? In order to avoid being in that kind of a situation, try to minimize leaving classes for stupid reasons, until you have a substantial amount of percentage left above the threshold. That way, later in the semester, you have the liberty to take classes or to leave them. Suppose at the end of the semester, one morning you're having an exceptionally tough time getting out of bed, so what? Go back to sleep, you've taken classes regularly all semester and can afford to take a day or two off. You deserve that much!

That being said, there are a specific number of classes that you can miss, that number is there for a reason, it is to make sure that you aren't caused any inconvenience and can take as many days off as it is generally okay to. That means you can enjoy missing each of these classes, until you're dropping below that percentage. This percentage is there to accommodate you in case of an emergency, in case you aren't able to come to class because of a genuine reason, and if you can afford to, even in case if you don't feel like it. For example, I've made it a rule to never take a class till the weather is great outside, I can afford that liberty because I've chosen never to miss a class until there is a very genuine reason! So yes, as long as you do not miss out on too much being taught in class, always be sure to copy someone's notes and take class until there is a genuine reason not to, it's perfectly okay to skip college classes every once in a while!

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