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What Happens If You Miss A Class In College?

What Happens if You Miss a Class in College?

Missing a class in college is much easier and happens more often than missing a class in high school. It is probably because professors do not seem to notice a few missing heads out of the many they usually teach, nor do they care. No chances of calling one's guardians to school, no punishment or consequences whatsoever. You will not even know you missed it in the first place.

So why should you care at all? What happens if you miss a class in college after all? You won't have much difficulty until midterm week, assignments, group projects, quizzes and all other obstacles hit you head on; and the next class you attend will feel like it is being taught in a different language with facts going right over your head.

Chances are you have already missed a handful of lectures like every other freshman student struggling with exams or soon to be struggling. If you have, remember to pull yourself together and follow some rules in order to get back on track.

If you miss a lecture, think about calling up your professor, or in today's technological world, send him/her an email. Be precise in your email, do not beat around the bush. A sincere apology, along with a request for you to see your professor at an allotted time should do. However, always remember email etiquettes- formal languages and a proper introduction with your college ID for the professor to be able to jot you down.

Even if you do get to meet up with your professor, chances are he/she is not going to go over the entire thing with you in his/her office. In that case, check in with acquaintances or classmates for proper lecture notes, slides, or other materials you might have missed. TAs are your best friends in this case. Also do remember to ask around about midterm dates or any assigned work.

Collecting your syllabus! No matter how many classes you skip, if you do not have your syllabus, you might be doomed. Even if you miss out on one small lecture, make sure to collect the syllabus by asking around.

Keep in contact with your professor, have their phone number, email, office address, etc. so that whenever you miss a class, you know where to go. Also, this helps the teacher know you as well, which in turn will help you with class assignments and other works.

Lastly, always remember to let your professor know beforehand about any classes that you might miss in the future because of prior engagements or occasions. Do remember to mention details of absence. This will also help the teacher decide on your attendance, group projects, and other works.

Remember, in college, the more classes you attend, the less you actually need to study. Reading books help, but in college, professors tend to skip things from the book and move on their own unlike in school. So simply sitting in your room and going through your books will not help as much in this particular case. Furthermore, professors tend to give out information about quizzes and midterms in classes which you will not find in books. Some professors give bonus marks for attendance, so sitting tight in a three hour lecture might not be bad idea after all when it comes to bonus marks.

Think of it this way, the more classes you miss, the more amount of cash that your parents are spending on your education is going down the drain. So firstly make sure to not miss classes, and if you do, make sure to be cautious about what to do afterwards.

What Happens If You Miss A Class In College?

Why should you even think of missing in college deliberately? Missing class somehow mean you are a waste of an abominable amount of tuition money. I'm sure you already know sleeping through or missing a class is wrong or even choose to watch a TV show instead of going for your lectures.

Going to class is so important. If you ever find yourself tempted to play smart, and deliberately decide to miss class without any justifiable reason, remember these are some of the things that can happen while you are absent.

The more you miss class, the more you have to study

If you miss class, you may not be able to get the explanation of what is been read in the textbook. Whether it's working with your colleagues in a group, the explanation from the tutor, or taking notes, there is always more to learn if you attend classes. By staying in the dorm or absconding classes, chances are, understanding everything you are being taught becomes an issue. Reading the book may not be enough. What you should grab once from an explanation by your instructor in class, you will have to be seeking help from fellow students as well as taking more time to study on your own

Whereas, if you have attended the class, you will notice that less time is spent studying for tests. Even if you have questions, you have the opportunity of asking the professor taking you the course. Even if you can read the book, but when it comes to having class discussions, you just can't make that up.

You miss attendance

Many professors make use of attendance. The way attendance is handled by every instructor is different. One instructor might decide to call everyone's name at the start of the class. Another might not even care about attendance. If the attendance policies are strict, there is a high tendency that you will lose points as times goes on for not showing up. And even if an instructor is a type of more laid-back policy, he or she will obviously notice when students aren't present.

You miss impromptu tests

What if a test held how do you intend to make up for this? This means you will end up losing some marks. This may end up affecting your grades.

Why waste money?

Do you know - every time you decide to abscond a class, hundreds of dollars are being wasted by you? Take a look at the scenario from this point of view. Can you be paying for a meal you do not take? Can you go on to pay for a movie you will not see? College is not cheap in any way. Why then will you just decide to keep wasting hard earned money or your education?

It takes time to catch up

In college, most classes are often scheduled for three credit hours each week. Every time you decide to miss a class, a significant amount of work will definitely be missed. In the event that you class only hold once in a week or once in two weeks, how do you plan on catching up? Skipping a class means you have to look for some of the colleagues that are willing to share their notes, then try to teach yourself. One thing is certain. More time will be spent trying to catch up when compared with the time you would have spent if you took the time to attend the class in the first place.

You might miss out on meeting someone new

If I'm still not able to convince you that attending class is imperative to your success in college, think about how you could have possibly missed out on making new friends or any other form of opportunity. In college, you'll meet new friends in class, or by walking around campus or even at the cafeteria. How many people can you possibly meet while watching TV or sleeping in your dorm room?

Next time you "forget" to set your alarm or you're just feeling lazy to attend a class, just think about all the things you may end up missing and how much more effort and time you will need to dedicate for you to catch up.

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