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Masters Dissertation

Masters Dissertation

The word "dissertation" creates a sense of panic and worry for most students. This panic is driven more by a lack of correct knowledge rather than anything else.

So, what is a Masters Dissertation? It is a rather lengthy written study of a particular topic chosen by the masters' student. A Masters Dissertation is undertaken under the guidance of a supervisor from the faculty team. This kind of academic writing involves a rather lengthy period of research work and writing work.

The length and the content of a Masters Dissertation depend on the subject and field of study. Masters Dissertations are usually of three types including:

  • MA Dissertations

  • M.Sc. Dissertations

  • MBA Dissertations.

MA Dissertations

These types of dissertations are expected from students doing masters courses in the fields of Humanities, Arts, and certain Social Sciences. MA Dissertations usually comprise of an exhaustive investigation of a particular topic. These investigations are done by applying theoretical knowledge on available topic-based data in the form of texts, artworks, documents, etc.

MA Dissertations are primarily focused on applying theoretical and philosophical frameworks and rarely require extensive data collection. The length is usually between 25,000 and 50,000 words though some masters programs could call for shorter variants especially if any kind of practical element is involved.

M.Sc. Dissertations

Dissertations in the science subjects are usually shorter than those of the Arts and Humanities subjects. This is because of the fact that M.Sc. Dissertations require concrete and verifiable data that needs to be conveyed using fewer words. However, the writing and preparation processes are as rigorous as MA Dissertations.

M.Sc. Dissertations normally call for some amount of practical field work by the students. This could be in the form of conducting experiments, observing, and noting down readings through lab activities. For Science Masters programs, the dissertation is usually the final part of a larger spectrum of processes involving data collection and research reports.

MBA Dissertations

The dissertations in an MBA course traditionally are like science-based format rather than MA Dissertations. However, these days, MBA courses involve dissertations that allow for alternate forms of research encompassing philosophical and qualitative approaches as well. This allows for a wider spectrum of learning outcomes. Hence, the length and content of an MBA dissertation can vary depending on your specialization, on the institution, and other factors. Also, some of the MBA programs offered by certain institutions do not even require a dissertation to be done for successful completion.

Difference between a Masters Dissertation and a dissertation done in an undergraduate program

Doing masters dissertation calls for a more in-depth study in a more critical manner than what is required in an undergraduate. While many students doing an undergraduate program may not even do a dissertation, as a master's student, completing a dissertation is an absolute necessity.

Moreover, even if the student in the undergraduate program does complete a dissertation, the masters dissertation calls for a much deeper analysis and has to be far above the synthesized reviews usually submitted in the undergraduate program.

A student of a masters' program is expected to learn, develop, and master a clear methodological and philosophical framework for their writing and this should clearly reflect in a well-crafted, incisive, and targeted analysis in the Masters dissertation.

Difference between a Masters Dissertation and a doctoral dissertation

Ph.D. and other doctoral dissertations also differ from a Masters dissertation inasmuch as the latter does not require as much originality and uniqueness that is called for in the former. A doctoral dissertation is usually 80,000 to 100,000 words in length and requires a more sophisticated and detailed research agenda than a Masters Dissertation.

A doctoral dissertation requires a highly unique text-based research or an independent field research whereas a dissertation in a masters' program does not require such levels of ground-breaking uniqueness or originality. However, a student of a masters' program is expected to give original writing with ample critical analysis.

Contents of a Masters Dissertation

Although the length of a Masters dissertation is dependent on the course of study and other factors, the basic contents include the following:

Abstract – The abstract is a brief and succinct summary of the entire dissertation giving a glimpse of your methodology and summarizes your findings

Literature Review – This section has your critical analysis of the existing literature on the topic under discussion

Methodology – This section contains the methods used in your research and it should also contain a justification as to why you chose this particular methodology.

Analytical section – This is the main section of the dissertation and it should contain your critical analysis of the topic that you have chosen to write about

Conclusion – This section summarizes all your findings and observations and also suggests and recommends potential space for further research.

Bibliography – This should be accurate and should contain details of all the sources quoted, paraphrased, and used in your dissertation. The format should conform to the format and style guidelines issued for your program

Final Notes

Writing a dissertation for your masters' program is definitely a daunting task. The preparatory work should start early and you need to be consistent with the different schedules that you have imposed upon yourself. It is perfectly natural to turn to professional help to complete your dissertation.

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