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Does My Paper Have Plagiarism?

For each college paper you write, it is important to check it for plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that can result in expulsion if you are caught.

The best way to make sure your paper does not have plagiarism is to not copy or paraphrase anything from your sources unless you are going to properly cite it. Any direct quotations that you use need to be in quotes. Any paraphrasing needs to be in your own words. Any sources that you’ve cited should be listed in your bibliography as well.

You should use your knowledge from what you’ve learned in class and your original ideas about the topic you are writing about for the majority of your paper. If you are looking at the internet for verification on your own ideas about a topic, don’t just copy what you see, put your ideas in your own words so that it can’t be traced back to that website, or better yet, cite that particular website. Also, be careful when using the Internet for research on academic papers, as it is not always reliable. It is best to stick to common knowledge about a topic when referring to the Internet for a paper. You never know when something you see on a website was plagiarized from another source.

To answer the question, does my paper have plagiarism, the following options are available to you:

  1. Search Engines

Google and Yahoo can be great tools for detecting plagiarism in a paper. You can only search by segments though. But if your paper was copied off the web, the exact text will be found in the search results, even when searching by one small segment (4-5 sentences).

  1. www.writecheck.com, a service of Turnitin.com

There is plagiarism checking software on this website that can check your paper against a large database of published sources for a low monthly fee. Since WriteCheck is a part of turnitin.com, its algorithms use the same database that is used for the originality reports viewable to professors when students turn their papers in via turnitin.com.

  1. Copyscape (www.copyscape.com)

This is a tool for checking the content in your paper against the entire web to make sure there is no plagiarism. It’s only five cents (1 credit) per search as well, though you can only buy a minimum of 100 credits. If you were looking at a particular website while writing your paper, you can do a free comparison of the text on that website to your paper, to see if there is any possible plagiarism.

There are other ways to use the Internet to see if your paper has plagiarism. There are free online plagiarism checkers out there that have limited functionality. There are also other premium plagiarism checkers, including the two discussed above – WriteCheck and Copyscape – that have more functionality and are more reliable. It is never a waste of time and money to run your paper through a few plagiarism checkers. This action can save you from the embarrassment of failing a class, or getting expelled due to plagiarism.

You can also have a third party, such as a tutor at your university resource center or a person who has extensive knowledge in the topic, look over your paper to check for any signs of unintentional plagiarism. Your own professor can even be a resource. Professors don’t like to fail their students, nor see them get expelled. They’d prefer if you come to them for help regarding the paper that you are writing before turning the paper in for credit. Even if they find plagiarism at that point, they’d use it as a learning opportunity.

But what if you didn’t write the paper yourself, but instead bought a custom paper at Prescott Papers? Should you go to your professor then for help on it after you receive it back? No, there would be no need to, and it would be risky. Even if you have time beforehand, and you know what’s in the paper, your professor may accidentally find out that you didn’t write the paper. They’ll consider that to be cheating and you can fail the class.

When you use Prescott Papers, one of our writers will produce a custom paper that is 100% original with no plagiarism at all. That is a guarantee. It will pass any plagiarism checks that you, as well as your professor, perform on it.

The writer who works on your paper will not only be someone who is knowledgeable in the topic your paper is about, they will also be thorough enough to triple-check their work and make any edits and revisions that are necessary. Since unlimited edits and revisions are included with your order, they come at no additional cost to you.

That includes any edits and revisions that you request. If you feel a change needs to be made in how a particular passage is written, or you find that a citation is missing during your plagiarism check, contact us and we will fix it for you in a timely manner.

This is why, when you buy a custom paper, even one from a company as reliable as Prescott Papers, that we still recommend you use the internet tools available to you to double check the paper for plagiarism. That is still a good thing to do because the writers, even though they are academics and professionals, are only human and can make mistakes.

Also, your professor will never hear from us that you used our services. We maintain total confidentiality. Your orders, as well as any communications regarding those orders, stay between us. This is important because if the professor finds out you didn’t write the paper, they’ll not only see it as cheating, like we discussed before, they’ll consider the entire paper to be plagiarized because you presented it as your own work. That is why confidentiality is important with the types of services that Prescott Papers provides. If we just gave out information about each order, we’d lose our business, and worse, we’d lose the trust of our clients.

Now, if you still feel that this is too good to be true and must be a total scam, Prescott Papers has an answer for you. With no money required upfront, we can start working on your paper and show you a custom preview. From that, you will see that this is no shady scam service that produces plagiarized work. We are confident that you will see that our writers can produce highly professional and original work.

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