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How Do Colleges Detect Plagiarism?

Colleges and universities take plagiarism very seriously. Over the years, they have come up with ways to prove plagiarism has occurred. The internet has only made this process easier.

So, how do colleges detect plagiarism? There are a number of ways:

  1. The internet

First, there are websites that professors can use. The most popular one is www.turnitin.com, from which you can get to www.ithenticate.com (You can’t get to this website directly). This is a website that checks the originality of any papers that are turned in. Professors can also use Copyscape Premium to check against the entire web to see if text in a paper is plagiarized. Finally, a professor can also copy a segment they suspect to be plagiarized from a paper, and paste it with quotation marks around it into a search engine box. Then, they can see what comes up in the search engine results. If It’s been copied directly from another website, it will show up in the search results. If there is a segment in a student’s paper that’s written in a completely different style from the rest of the paper, this can lead the professor to get suspicious and perform the search engine method.

A custom paper ordered at prescottpapers.com will pass both turnitin.com and CopyScape as well as a Google search because our Ivy-League level writers will only produce original quality work. Any quotes and passages they use verbatim from sources will be cited correctly.

  1. Professors pay more attention to the way their students write.

The more papers and essays you have to write for a particular class, the more your professor learns about your writing in general. All of us have a somewhat unique tone and style to our writing, and professors are very good at spotting it. If you turn in a paper that is not written in your usual tone and style, your professor may get suspicious.

At Prescott Papers, you get unlimited edits and revisions with your order. We can make it so that the paper you get from us is written at, or at least close to, your personal writing style.

  1. Professors are experts in the subjects that they teach.

A professor is someone that has a PhD, and had to write a long dissertation on the subject they are teaching in order to be awarded that PhD. As part of that work, they had to read countless amounts of articles, books, journals and other source material on the subject. So chances are, if you just copy something directly from a book or online article in your paper, the professor will have a profound sense of Déjà vu, and will become suspicious. This is because they may be familiar with the source you just copied from.

The elite writers being used at Prescott Papers are Ivy-League professors and graduates who are experts in many subjects. Like your professor, they know all about the literature for the subject of your paper and know how to put the information in their own words.

  1. Colleges and Universities know about essay mills that sell papers.

This goes back to the first point about the internet. College professors and administrators know there are websites out there that sell papers. If a professor suspects a paper comes from one of those websites, it only takes a simple web search to confirm it.

Since you will only get a custom paper from Prescott Papers, your professor will not be able to trace it back to our website with a search on google. Our website is completely secure and private.

  1. Plagiarism checking software

The best plagiarism check software out there is called SafeAssign, which is integrated with Blackboard Learn. It deters plagiarism and also helps students learn how not to plagiarize work in the first place. Assignments that are submitted through Blackboard Learn are checked for plagiarism with this software. They do this by using an algorithm that detects exact and inexact matches between your paper and the source material. Papers done by the writers at Prescott Papers pass this test every time. Our elite writers are able to provide a completely unique paper that won’t be just a paraphrase or copy of source material.

  1. Your performance in class does not match the performance on the paper. If you turn in an essay on the effects of nitrogen on the human brain in, and get an A, but take a test on the same material, and get a D, your professor may wonder what happened.

If you consistently produce work that has a grade of C or B, but you turn in a paper that deserves an A+ grade, that may enable the professor to become suspicious of plagiarism.

Prescott Papers doesn’t just write custom essays; they also provide academic help. They can help you understand the material that is being written about, so that you not only get a great paper, but you can get better grades on your exams as well. However, it is the responsibility of you, the customer, to get the academic help you need so that your academic performance gets better and matches the level of writing that we produce.

So, how else do universities detect plagiarism? The professor checks the file properties on your paper. When they do that, they can see the date the file was created, the last time it was edited, the electronic signature of the author, the word processing software used and the version, and the name of the original license holder of that software. If those items do not match you as the user, the professor will suspect plagiarism and check further via the other methods discussed above to confirm their suspicions.

The custom work you get back from Prescott Papers will not be able to be traced back to us. When your professor checks the file properties on your paper we did for you, they will not find anything indicating that someone else wrote your paper. Our writers know better than to leave footprints behind. We deliver the work to you in a confidential and secure manner. You, as the customer, can also make sure the file properties of the paper point only to you by taking what we deliver to you, and copying it onto a new Word document. That way, if professor checks for this information, the file information will only point to you as the owner, not anyone else.

Knowing how colleges detect plagiarism can help you avoid even the accidental use of plagiarism. It enables you to be more careful in choosing the right custom paper service, or in writing your own papers.

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