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How Much Plagiarism is in My Paper?

If you do your own work on the paper, there should not be any plagiarism at all. You should have cited any quotations and passages from reputable sources that you’ve used in your paper. You should have relied largely on what you learned in class in writing the majority of your paper. Most importantly, you should not have copied anything off Wikipedia or another website about your chosen topic.

However, if you’re one of those college students with too much work and not enough time on their hands, you may opt in buying essays to use, or paying for a custom paper from a company like Prescott Papers. Many students choose this option to gain more time that they can use for their other studies or to have more of a social life. Regardless of which essay service you use; it is always to your benefit to take the time to check the work that you get back. It’s your academic reputation that is on the line.

The question you should ask when you get a completed paper from a custom writing service like Prescott Papers is: How much plagiarism is in my paper? You can check on this with the internet.

One website that is useful for this purpose is www.copyscape.com. You can buy credits and compare the text in the paper against the entire web. You can make sure the elite writer that wrote your paper did not just copy portions of it off a website.

Another way to answer the question, “how can I tell how much plagiarism is in my paper?” is to use Google. You can take segments at a time and search for them in google. You need to be sure to have the segment in quotation marks so that Google treats it as one string of text. This will be tedious if it’s a huge paper you’ve had written for you, but it will help you detect plagiarism if it is there.

If your class utilizes turnitin.com for their papers, then the originality report may be available to you. If your professor has opted to allow students to view originality reports and also set the preference to allow resubmission of work, this can be a good method of checking for plagiarism. However, it is not an option if your professor does not allow for overwrites and resubmission of work, so it is best to be careful. Having to explain to your professor that you need them to delete the assignment because you’ve realized the work is plagiarized and want to resubmit it will not be easy. It’s better to not have to get your professor involved when you’re checking for plagiarism.

By using Prescott Papers, you will not run into this issue. Prescott Papers does not condone plagiarism and only uses elite Ivy-League level writers who will produce original work. These scholars know how to properly use material from sources and cite it. However, our writers are human and can make mistakes. Maybe they’ll write something close to what they’ve written in their own published work on the same subject, but not realize it. This is why we always double check our work using the same methods discussed above, and why you should too, to make sure.

We also include unlimited edits and revisions with each order at Prescott Papers. If you feel that something in your custom paper needs to be changed because it’s very similar to what is written elsewhere on the web, we can make the changes for you.

It is a guarantee that you will not find work done by Prescott Papers elsewhere on the web. For instance, let’s take this portion of a sample essay on the analysis of race and class based inequality in U.S educational systems, found here: https://www.prescottpapers.com/samples/Example-Research-Synthesis--Race-and-Class-Based-Inequality.php

“Education in the U.S.A is designed to be an equalizer. It is intended to give everyone equal chances to succeed in society. Despite the intended purpose of the institution, there are many obstacles that prevent it from being truly equalizing.”

If you put that text into google and the copyscape website, you’ll get no results. That is what you want from a custom writing service. So, to answer your question: “how to check if my paper is original?” The answer is in doing your own work, or using Prescott Papers.

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