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How to Avoid Plagiarism in a Research Paper

Citing Books in a Research Paper

Research papers are commonly assigned in college classes. Professors assign these types of papers to students to enable them to practice researching for answers that are needed on a particular topic. This is important in today’s world where information is constantly changing. One requirement that every professor has for research paper assignments is that there can be no plagiarism.

If you write your own research paper, it is a simple task to avoid plagiarism. You just need to not do the following things:

  1. Copy someone else’s work, either off the web, or from a published source, and present it as your own original work.

  2. Don’t provide proper citations when you paraphrase something from a source, or include a direct quote from a source.

Doing these two things is not how to avoid plagiarism when writing a research paper. If you write your paper using your own words and ideas and provide proper citations for anything paraphrased or used verbatim from your sources, you will not have a plagiarized paper.

This doesn’t mean that your entire paper can just be one cited quote or passage after another. Professors assign research papers because they want to see how you use information from your research as well as what you’ve learned in class, and how you are able to put your evaluation of that information into your own words. Professors want to see the original ideas about a topic that you came up with while doing your research for your paper.

However, there will be times in college when you will be overwhelmed with coursework and studying. This is especially true starting two weeks before the end of the semester. You might have five final exams to study for, three research papers to write, and other assignments. So, how to avoid plagiarism in a research paper if you don’t write it yourself? One option that students use is Prescott Papers, a custom writing service.

At Prescott Papers, we use elite writers from various academic and professional backgrounds to write your research paper. We only provide custom papers, meaning the work will not be copied from somewhere else. Prescott Papers does not condone plagiarism and we uphold the writers that we hire to the same standards. Your paper will be written by a writer who has expert knowledge in the subject that your paper is about. Therefore, they’ll be able to present their own original ideas into the paper, and incorporate the research that you did on the topic.

You can also avoid plagiarism by using Prescott Papers for your research paper by actively taking part in the process. With the free and unlimited edits and revisions that are included, you have the chance to make the work your own in some way, even if you don’t write the majority of the paper.

The best way to ensure the research paper you receive from Prescott Papers is not plagiarized is to double check the work that is given back to you. Take initiative and do your own plagiarism checks via www.copyscape.com or other plagiarism checking websites. Google is also an option. Also, read over the work you receive from us before you turn it in to your professor. If your professor asks you a question about a particular part of the research paper, and you’re not able to answer it, the professor may get suspicious. It’s best to be prepared for any circumstance.

Overall, it’s best to write the paper yourself, but Prescott Papers is a reliable option.

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