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How to Check Your Paper for Plagiarism

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Each time you write a paper in college, you should always check it for plagiarism. This is important because plagiarism is academic fraud, and your college experience can be over if you are caught. There is the chance that a professor will go easy on you, especially if it’s a case of accidental plagiarism, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. How to check your paper for plagiarism - WriteCheck

There are websites out there that can check your paper to make sure there it is original. WriteCheck, at http://www.writecheck.com, is a service by turnitin.com that allows students to check for plagiarism in their papers. It highlights text that is matched to other sources so you can put the proper citations. There’s a similarity score that allows you to see how much your paper matches the content in the turnitin.com database. Plus, turnitin.com is used by many professors themselves. They’ll have their students submit their assignments through there , and they have access to originality reports for each assignment that gather information from the same database a student can use with WriteCheck.

  1. How to check a paper for plagiarism – iThenticate

Ithenticate – located at www.ithenticate.com – is software that also checks for plagiarism. It helps you make sure you have cited the sources that were used in the paper. This software will compare your paper to the Internet, as well as a large amount of published articles and professional sources. This is a service that is biased towards scholarly research and professional writing. This is also another service courtesy of turnitin.com.

  1. How to check if your paper has plagiarism – Viper.

Unlike Turnitin and iThenticate – Viper is free to use. The software is located at http://www.scanmyessay.com . According to this website, there are 10 billon sources that you can check your paper against. You can compare your paper to other papers and essays on your computer, as well other papers and essays on the Internet. It even provides a side-by-side comparison when a match is found. For software that is free, it is still pretty extensive.

  1. How to check for plagiarism in a paper – Free plagiarism checkers that utilize text boxes right on the webpage.

There are plagiarism checking websites that have the plagiarism checker built right into the page.

The first website, www.plagiarismchecker.com has a free built-in plagiarism check right on the front page. You just have to type phrases from your paper into the text box and click Search. Then, any matches, if they are found, will come up. It checks the paper against the internet.

The second one - http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/ - allows you to paste entire papers into the available text box to check for plagiarism. The standard search is free, but they also offer a premium version that allows you to upload Microsoft Word documents.

Plagiarisma.net also has a text box right on the site to paste the paper in to see if there is duplicate content on the Internet. It even allows you to upload documents to check for free. They even offer a free software download as well, if you prefer to check for plagiarism that way.

Http:// http://www.plagiarismsoftware.net/ - this is another free plagiarism checking website that allows you to either paste the text in a box right on the page, upload files in Docx and TXT formats or enter a URL. It even allows to you exclude URLs as well. The downside is you only get three free searches, then you have to pay a monthly fee to use the service.

  1. How to check plagiarism in a research paper, or any type of paper – Plagiarismdetect.org.

This plagiarism checker is completely online. There is no software to download and install. They use an advanced algorithm to check your paper against open sources on the Internet. You do have to pay to use the credits required to perform checks, but they offer a 100% money back guarantee and there are discounts as well.

  1. How to check your own paper for plagiarism - http://www.checkforplagiarism.net/

This website, where you do have to pay to use the services, uses secure servers to check the documents that you upload for plagiarism. It checks against the Internet, even cached internet pages, and publications.

  1. How to check a research paper for plagiarism - EVE 2.

This is an older plagiarism checker that is located at http://www.canexus.com/, is a plagiarism checker that you also have to pay for, but what makes it different from other paid plagiarism checkers is that there is only a one-time fee of $29.99 for unlimited use. You don’t have to pay fees on a recurring basis. It compares your paper against the entire Internet.

  1. How to find plagiarism in my paper – http://www.copyscape.com

This is yet another service that checks the content of your paper against the Internet. However, it has both free and paid services. For free, you can compare the content of your paper to a specific text or URL, or you can pay for credits that you can use to perform checks on your paper against the entre web.

Now, let’s say you choose not to write the paper, but to pay for a college paper service to write it instead. This can be due to time constraints, or just from getting stressed out at the amount of work and studying you have to complete. For example, you may have 2 exams to study for, 3 papers to write, a lot of reading to do for all of your classes, and various assignments to work on.

Do you still need to check for plagiarism when you buy a paper? Yes, but if you use a custom writing service like Prescott Papers, you will find that the work you receive back will pass any plagiarism checks that you perform. That is because our professional writers only write papers that are 100% original. When you place your order for a custom paper with Prescott Papers, we’ll choose a writer who has academic and/or professional expertise in the topic that your paper is about. They’ll use that knowledge to write a custom paper that is also well-organized.

What happens if you don’t choose a custom writing service to write your paper, but instead just buy an already completed paper from an online essay mill. Well, when you check that paper for plagiarism using the websites and software listed above, you will most likely find a significant amount of plagiarism. That’s because these essay mills just resell these papers to multiple students. If professors do a plagiarism check on those papers, they’ll be pointed right back to the website where you bought the paper from. You can fail the class or be expelled from class not only plagiarism, but for cheating.

The best thing about using Prescott Papers is that your use of their services is kept 100% confidential. They will never give out any information about your orders at all. This guarantee of confidentiality is why the papers you get from Prescott Papers that you turn in as your own work will never be considered plagiarism by the professor. That’s because, unless you tell the professor yourself that you used the service, or one of your friends that you confided to tells on you to the professor that you used the service, that professor will never find out the truth about who actually wrote the essay.

Plus, if you want to try them out to see if they really produce non-plagiarized work, they have a risk-free option. They can write a small portion of your paper with no money upfront, and show it to you to demonstrate how serious they are about only providing original papers.

Overall, checking your paper for plagiarism saves you from the major stress and grief that comes with being caught. You’ll save yourself from having to defend your actions in front of a University ethics committee, or the embarrassment of getting expelled from school. You’ll save yourself from having to start over in your academic studies if you end up not keeping any academic credits (Some universities will allow you to keep academic credits that you have already earned, though). Most likely, you’ll have to go to a community college instead, and then work. So, take the time to check your paper for plagiarism – it’s worth it.

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