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How to Identify Plagiarism in a Paper

Looking for Plagiarism Under a Magnifying Glass

Whether you write your own paper, or you buy a custom paper, it is always good to know how to identify plagiarism in a paper. If you’ve written the paper yourself using your own ideas about a topic, and giving proper citations to any sources that were paraphrased and quoted, your paper should pass this test. If you buy a custom paper, knowing how to identify any plagiarism in such a paper is essential.

Here are a few pointers in how to identify plagiarism in a paper.

  1. Copyscape

Copyscape – at www.copyscape.com – is a great tool for checking for plagiarism in your paper. It allows you, with purchased credits, to check your work against the entire web. If you referenced the internet while writing your paper, this is a way to make sure you did not produce an exact copy of what you saw on the web as you were writing. You can even check your paper against the text of the website you were referencing for free to make sure there was no match. Of course, you’ll probably have to cite the website regardless.

  1. Turnitin.com services.

WriteCheck is a feature of turnitin.com that allows you and other students to check your papers against turnitin.com’s vast database of sources from the internet and published material. Ithenticate is another service of turnitin.com that does the same thing. With both services, you can make sure you’ve properly cited everything that you need to. Plus, these use the same databases used for the originality checker that your professor will use if he or she has you turn in the paper via turnitin.com.

  1. Search engines

You can use search engines like Google and Yahoo to identify plagiarism in your paper. You can copy segments from your paper, and search for it to see if the exact text pops up anywhere else on the web. This can be tedious if you wrote a huge paper. In that case, there are easier methods of checking your paper against internet sources for plagiarism.

  1. Free plagiarism checking websites and software

There are free plagiarism checking software websites out there for students to use. These are great if you want to save money, but they may not be as detailed as paid options for identifying plagiarism.

  • Viper

Viper is plagiarism checking software that you can download for free at http:/www.scanmyessay.com. It scans your documents and compares them not only to similar documents on the web, but also to the other documents on your computer. This helps prevent self-plagiarism.

On this website, you can copy and paste your entire paper into the plagiarism check box, and it will be checked against the Internet.

This website also has a free plagiarism checker embedded on the front page. However, it only takes phrases at a time, not the whole paper at once.

  • Plagiarisma.net

This website not only has the embedded text box in which you can paste your entire paper, you can upload document files for it to check. However, you have to sign in with one of your accounts on various social networks, like Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn, else you’ll be using a limited version of the plagiarism checker on this website. There’s a limit of 2000 characters on the free version.

  • Small SEO tools

This website has a free, but limited plagiarism checker at http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/. It has a limit of 1000 words per search. It allows you to upload file in .docx or .txt format.

For this plagiarism checker, you are only allowed one search as an unregistered user. Then, you have to sign up. But, sign up is completely free and once you are signed in, you get 50 searches, limited to 1000 words each, a day.

  1. Premium plagiarism checking software

This refers to plagiarism checking software and websites that you have to pay for. Some examples, like Copyscape (has premium and free functions) and WriteCheck, have already been discussed. But there are others. The premium services are going to be more detailed and elaborate in most cases than the free services.

  • http:/www.checkforplagiarism.net

On this website, you pay for credits. Then you use a certain amount of credit for checking a single paper. Secure servers are used to check the paper against the entire Internet, even cached web pages, and publications.

  • EVE 2

This plagiarism checker, located at http://www.canexus.com/, differs from other paid plagiarism checkers because you only have to pay a one-time fee of $29.99. Then you can compare your paper against the Internet with unlimited use.

  • Plagiarismadetect.org

On this website, you pay for credit to perform checks for plagiarism. An advanced algorithm is used to check your paper against the Internet in order to identify instances of plagiarism.

The only free usage of this plagiarism checker is that it will tell you if there is plagiarism in a paper. In order to get more information about where they found the plagiarism in a paper, you have to sign up for a monthly plan.

  1. Another person

Another way to identify plagiarism in your paper is to have someone else look over it over you. This can be a fellow classmate, a friend, or a tutor at the academic help center at your University. It helps to have an extra set of eyes look at your paper for you not only to check for plagiarism, but to check for grammar, spelling and syntax errors as well.

Hire a Professional Plagiarism Checker

Students need to look into how to find plagiarism in a paper that they buy. As such, they need to be careful about which custom writing service they buy the paper from. Prescott Papers is one of the best and most trustworthy custom writing services out there. Any custom paper you receive from Prescott Papers can be checked using any of the above websites, and no plagiarism will be identified. Why is that? Prescott Papers only produces custom papers that are completely original.

There’s samples of past work on www.prescottpapers.com. One of those works is a paper titled “How Internal Questioning Resulted in the Rejection of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church: An Analysis of the Evolution of Maya Angelou’s Religious Views”. Here’s a sample from the work:

The conversations that Mrs. Flowers and Maya have discuss a variety of elements; however, these conversations can be boiled down to one topic. Specifically, Mrs. Bertha Flowers and Maya discuss how education and freedom compare to the subservience and strictness seen in the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. Both Maya and Mrs. Flowers feel that education and freedom are a more logical form of religion; additionally, these two individuals both believe that education is an important component in building a better society. This is shown on a personal level through the discussions that Maya and Mrs. Flowers have on literature and schooling.

Now, let’s take this work and run it through some of the plagiarism checks discussed above. Other than Copyscape, the rest of the ways that will be used are free, as I don’t have access to any other premium plagiarism websites or software.

  1. www.copyscape.com– No results of plagiarism were found.

  2. http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/ - no plagiarism suspected.

  3. www.palgiarisma.net – the result that came back is 99% unique.

  4. http://www.duplichecker.com/ - When I put in the first 1000 words of the paper into the available text box, the results that came back stated there was no plagiarism.

As you can see, even with the limited checks that I can do, this paper done by Prescott Papers is an original.

There are people who will say that the whole paper you receive from Prescott Papers will make you guilty of plagiarism because you are turning in work that you did not do, but are claiming as your own. But, unless you tell people that you used our services, no one will know that you ordered a custom paper from us. We maintain complete confidentiality with all of our clients, and never give out any information about our clients and their orders.

Of course, If you receive a custom paper from Prescott Papers, you are always welcome to use these plagiarism checking options discussed above to make sure it is actually an original and not a copy of someone else’s work. Prescott Papers can guarantee that there will be no plagiarism, but it’s always smart to check for yourself. If you’re trying out our services for the first time, you can always try us out with no money upfront. This is so you can test our services out and see that there will be no plagiarism. You can also do what I did - take one of the samples on http://www.prescottpapers.com, and test it out for plagiarism. Overall, Prescott Papers understands that it’s your grade point average and academic reputation that is at stake.

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