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Is It Plagiarism if You Buy a Paper?

Shopping for an Essay

College students opt to buy papers in order to save time. They get stressed out with all the work and studying that they have to do, and they just want to have some time to relax. However, the discussion of buying a paper online leads to a discussion of plagiarism, which is considered an academic offense.

Is it plagiarism if you buy a paper that is already complete and ready to turn in at the time you buy it? Yes, it is. You can’t count on being the only student to buy that completed paper and use. It will not be a unique paper. You run the risk of your professor becoming suspicious and searching for segments of the paper online to see if the same exact thing is written elsewhere.

Rewriting the completed paper to make it your own, however, may work if the paper is rewritten in your usual style of writing. Professors pay attention to how their students write over the semester. So, if you turn in a work that is not written in your usual style, they may become suspicious.

Rewriting a completed work that you bought may be a good option, because it won’t be plagiarism at that point. However, you will have to do a rewriting of the whole paper in that case. At that point, it’s easy to wonder why you had to buy a paper in the first place when you could’ve saved money and wrote it yourself.

Paying for a Custom Paper Online

However, is it plagiarism to purchase papers online that are not yet written because those papers are going to be custom-written according to your instructions. No It is not. Prescott Papers is one company that provides such a service.

It is not plagiarism to buy a paper from Prescott Papers because our professional writers, who come from various academic and professional backgrounds, only write custom papers that have original content. They understand the consequences that can occur when you are caught in the act of plagiarism, and do not condone it. They have experience in writing well-organized papers that have original ideas and are correctly cited.

Also, because the papers are original, your professor, if they have any suspicions, will not find proof through any plagiarism checks. If they were to conduct google searches on portions of the paper, there would be no search results.

Also, you get unlimited edits and revisions when you order a custom paper from Prescott Papers. You can still make the work your own by requesting edits and revisions to ensure that the paper is written close to your own style of writing. This is also how you can ensure that the assignment instructions you gave when you ordered the paper are followed exactly. The writer will also make sure of this because they want you to get a good grade for the paper. Overall, using Prescott Papers is a good option for college students.

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