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Is It Plagiarism to Reuse a Paper?

Is it okay to recycle a paper?

In college, when you are working towards a specific degree, you may have to take classes that are similar to each other. In some cases, you may even have to write a paper on the same topic that you wrote about before in a previous class. You may wonder if you can just reuse the same paper that you wrote before, but that brings up another question: Is it plagiarism to reuse your own paper? Yes, it can be for the following reasons.

  1. You are guilty of plagiarism not only when you blatantly copy someone’s words and ideas without giving proper credit, but also when you claim that you did the work yourself. If you just reuse a paper you already did, you’re not doing the work. Some people will argue that this is not plagiarism because it’s your own work, but the plagiarism software checkers that professors use these days won’t see it that way. You need to provide proper attribution even when you are using your own previous work. Better yet, write a new, original paper about the topic.

  2. You’re reusing ideas and words that you’ve already used before. Self-plagiarism does exist. Could you just take the old essay and rewrite it so it’s not an exact copy? You can, but it will still be plagiarism if you use it and don’t properly cite the ideas that are the same in both papers. Professors want you to use original ideas for each paper that you write, even for similar topics.

  3. Your professor can perform plagiarism checks and see the previous submission of your paper in the system. One way this is done is when the paper is turned in both times through turnitin.com. Plus, your university may have other internal methods of determining if you’ve turned in the same paper before.

  4. According to WriteCheck, “self-plagiarism may also fall under possible copyright infringement” (http://en.writecheck.com/self-plagiarism/). This may happen if you’re a graduate student whose paper has been published in an academic journal. When that happens, the copyright may be with the academic journal, not you - the person who wrote the original paper. It’s still possible to use the material in a new paper, you would just need to properly cite that specific academic journal.

For example, a student is a history major in college. They take one class centered around the American Revolution in the Fall semester. They take another class also focused on the American Revolution in the Spring semester. For the first class in the fall, they write a paper that is focused on the Yorktown Campaign. Then, during the Spring semester, they get an assignment in the American Revolution class they are taking at that point for the same topic. The student decides to save time and just turn in the same paper that he wrote in the Fall. Here, he is committing an act of plagiarism.

What this student should’ve done is write either a completely different paper on the Yorktown Campaign, or a paper centered on another event or person associated with the American Revolution. For instance, they could write a paper on George Washington’s role in the American Revolution, or on one of the significant events that led to the American War against the British.

However, when you have to write a second paper on the same topic, there are going to be some similarities because there is common knowledge about each topic. Common knowledge does not count as plagiarism, even if you addressed it in both papers. If we consider the example above, there are aspects of the Yorktown Campaign that are found in nearly every book about the subject.

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Bottom line, don’t reuse a paper that you already used before in a previous class. If you decide you need to use parts of the original paper, you need to provide proper citation to yourself. If you need help, Prescott Papers is the best choice for original content on each paper.

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