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Is Submitting a Paper Twice Plagiarism?

At times in college, you have to take classes that are similar to each other, or you may have to retake a class. As such, you may be assigned the same type of paper, or even a paper on the same topic. The temptation to use work that you’ve already done previously is there, but should you use it?

Is submitting a paper twice plagiarism? Some people say it is not, because it’s your own work that you are reusing, not someone else’s work. However, according to most college and university handbooks, this is a form of plagiarism known as self-plagiarism. This applies even if it’s your own work that you are submitting again. Here are the reasons why this practice is considered plagiarism by most colleges and universities.

  1. Plagiarism is not just about copying someone else’s work, it’s claiming that you did the work. If you just reuse a paper that you’ve already done, then you’re not doing the work that you claim you are doing. This happens when you make the professor think that this is original work.

  2. If your professor uses turnitin.com for the class, and has you turn in the essay that way, and the professor for the previous class (the one you originally wrote the paper for) did the same thing, then your previous submission will show up in the originality report when you turn in the paper a second time. When that happens, you’ll be considered by the professor to be guilty of self-plagiarism.

Also, you are cheating yourself when you submit the same paper twice. Professors award grades based on your understanding of the course content and the effort you’ve put into the paper. When you turn in a paper that you’ve used in another course, you are not putting in the effort, and you are not proving that you understand what the professor is teaching in that particular course. With this self-plagiarizing, you are only being dishonest with your professor.

But, is it plagiarism to submit a paper two times if you rewrite it. It can be if you are still using the same ideas the second time around. It’s possible that the originality report on turnitin.com and other plagiarism checkers will still catch that. You’d have to rewrite it with new, original ideas and new properly cited material.

You can always just ask the professor if you can use the same paper. They may agree to it. In that case, it wouldn’t be plagiarism because the professor agreed it was ok to use the same paper. They may also say no. But you can always ask if you can write on a different topic, or they may just assign you a different topic. To be on the safe side, if the professor does agree to let you use the same paper, you should get a written statement from them confirming that. If they don’t, it’s safer to just write a new paper, because it’s your word against theirs if they report you to school administrators.

The better option is to turn in a completely different paper, even if it’s on the same topic. No topic for a paper, even one that’s as short as 4 or 5 pages, will be so narrow that you can’t write about it in a different way. You just have to look at aspects of the topic that you didn’t look at before and write about it.

If you need help doing this, you can always turn to Prescott Papers. We have expert editors who can compare the two papers to ensure that they are different from each other. Those editors can also edit your new paper as well. It always helps to have an extra set of eyes, especially ones that are professional and objective.

Prescott Papers can also provide academic help to you as you’re writing an essay. They can help you come up with new ways to examine a topic that you’ve written about before, or help you come up with new ideas about a topic.

There is always the option of paying money to have a professional writer at Prescott Papers write the new paper for you. We’ll handpick a writer whose academic and/or professional background and expertise match the particular topic of your paper. Also, there is no need to worry about your college finding out that you didn’t do the actual work on the paper you claim to be your own when you use Prescott Papers. That is because 100% confidentiality is a guarantee with Prescott Papers. We promise to never give information about you to anyone. We only use professional writers who know how to maintain confidentiality. Your orders are a secret between you and Prescott Papers.

In conclusion, universities do not like it when you turn in the same paper twice. The only way you can use your previous work a second time without committing an act of self -plagiarism is to properly cite yourself. In academia, it is necessary to cite even your own previous work so that you are not inadvertently claiming that you did new work. However, it is still not acceptable to just copy the entire paper that you originally wrote, thus having your second paper on the same topic just be cited material. No, it’s best to use only portions of your previous work if you have no other options.

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