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Is Turning in a Paper Twice Plagiarism?

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Is turning in the same paper twice plagiarism, even if it’s your own work? It is if you claim that it is new work, and don’t give proper credit to the work that was done before. Professors assign papers to be written because they want to see how you can originally present your own ideas about a topic, or see that you’ve learned something new when doing the research for the paper. If you just reuse a paper from a previous or even the same class, you are committing an act of self-plagiarism.

You are claiming, by turning in the same paper, that you did the work for the paper that you are turning in, when in reality, you really did the work during the previous assignment where you originally used the same paper.

Is turning in a paper twice plagiarism if you provide a proper citation to yourself? It’s not plagiarism because of the proper citation, but your professor can still downgrade you for not having new content. Professors do not want your college papers to be just one huge citation. They want originality. Overall, they expect you to do the work for each assignment, regardless of how similar the work is.

Is using the same paper for two classes plagiarism? Yes, it is. First, there’s the reasons that were already discussed at the beginning of this article. The most important reason that needs to be said again – you are wrongfully claiming you did the work when you turn in the paper to the second class. Even if you are taking two classes at the same time, and they are similar to each other, the work for each class needs to be different.

If both professors, the one for the first class and the second one for the second class, had you turn in the paper to Turnitin.com, that will lead you to be caught with self-plagiarism. Whichever professor checks the originality report first; they’ll see the other submission.

Besides, even if the classes and paper topics are similar, the paper instructions will most likely differ between the two classes. Professors will word their instructions for a particular paper in a specific, non-generic way. So, it would be hard to use the same paper you also used in another class, and have it match the assignment exactly.

Is turning a paper in more than once allowed? No it is not. An exception would be if the professor gave you permission to reuse the paper. But that rarely happens because, as mentioned earlier, professors want to see original work in each paper. They expect that you do the work for that particular class.

Typing a Paper Twice

Universities have specific policies for turning in work more than one time. The University of Texas at Austin has a policy that states the following: “You may not submit a substantially similar paper or project for credit in two (or more) courses unless expressly authorized to do so by your instructor(s). You may, however, re-work or supplement previous work on a topic with the instructor's approval.” (http://deanofstudents.utexas.edu/sjs/acadint_multsub.php).

Roosevelt University, based in Chicago, Illinois, also states this in their policy on academic integrity: “Instructors expect that work submitted in a course is original work done for that course. While some instructors may allow you to revise an assignment done for another course or for a job, students must not assume that this is an acceptable practice. If you want to reuse a paper you have written for another course, or one that you have had published, discuss this with your instructor. The instructor may recommend additions or revisions of this paper, or may recommend not using it at all. If you do rely on a previously written paper, be sure to cite it as though someone else wrote it, unless you have a different arrangement with the instructor.” (https://www.roosevelt.edu/Provost/Faculty/AcademicIntegrity.aspx).

Both universities have policies which clearly state the recycling of work is not allowed, but leave it up to each professor to decide whether or not to allow a student to revise a previous work for a new assignment. The keyword here is revise, meaning the professor would still expect to see originality in your paper.

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