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Is Using a Paper from Another Class Plagiarism?

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At University, when you are taking multiple classes that are focused on your major, you may end up taking a class that is similar to another class that you’ve already taken, or are taking that same semester. The two classes may have topics that are very similar, or nearly the same. As a result, you may find it tempting to cheat the system and use a paper that you’ve already used in another class. But, as you will see in this article, that is not the right thing to do.

Is using a paper from another class plagiarism? Yes, it can be. When you recycle a paper that you wrote for a previous course to fulfill an assignment for the current course you are taking, and you don’t properly cite yourself, you are guilty of plagiarism. Universities call this self-plagiarism because you are claiming you did the work for that particular assignment.

When professors assign a topic for you to write about, they expect you to do the work on that particular assignment. They don’t condone it when students take the easy way out and use a paper that they’ve already worked on previously. Also, using a paper from another class gives you an unfair advantage over the students who have never taken that type of class before. Why should the professor give you a good grade when the students who actually did the work without using a previous paper, and therefore, are not guilty of self-plagiarism, deserve it more?

Some professors, if you ask them, will allow you to include parts of your previous work in the current paper that you are writing. This can include revising parts of the previous work to match the current assignment. Professors will expect you to provide proper citation to yourself in this case, even though they gave you permission to use your own work. When you are using a paper you did in another class in this manner, you are not committing an act of self-plagiarism.

However, professors almost never give permission for students to just reuse entire papers, even with a proper citation. Professors want to see what you’ve learned in their class. Even though the class might be very similar to a class you previously took, or are taking concurrently, it’s not the same. The course objectives will be different for each course. The professor can make sure that their assignment instructions in their course don’t match the assignments of the other professors that teach courses that are very similar to theirs. Thus, if you just reuse a paper from another class, it may not match the assignment. Therefore, the professor cannot determine if you are learning the material for that particular class. That is another reason why they assign these papers. In addition, you might get a bad grade for not following the instructions for the assignment.

Also, another reason why professors will not allow you to reuse an entire paper from another class is that they want a significant portion of your paper to be about your ideas and perspectives on the topic. They don’t want your paper to just be one big piece of cited material. They want to see your own take on the topic that you are assigned to write, and how you are applying the material you are learning for that particular class into the paper.

There’s only one option here. You need to write a new paper for the current class you are in. Even if you are allowed to use parts of your previous work, the majority of your paper must be new material that is either original or cited. Most importantly, it must not include any plagiarism.

Some students may have a hard time coming up with new perspectives on a topic that they wrote about before. Prescott Papers can help these students.

For students that still need to get a good grasp on the course material, Prescott Papers can provide academic help. We offer tutoring in many subjects. A professional tutor that specializes in the subject you are taking can help you learn the material for the class in a new way. It can help to have an outsider’s perspective on the course material. By outsider, I mean someone who does not know the professor or how they work. However, they can still understand the objectives of the course due to their knowledge of the subject.

Prescott Papers also provides custom written papers. First, when placing the order, you need to give specific instructions. That is because the writer assigned to write the paper needs to know what to write about. For the particular situation where you’ve written about the same topic, or a very similar topic before, you should always include a copy of the original paper with specific instructions that the new paper not include what is in the previous one. The writer that will be assigned to write your paper will have academic and/or professional expertise and background in the subject of your paper. As such, they will be able to write an original paper that is not plagiarism because it will not contain material that has been used before in a previous paper.

But, when you buy a paper, even one that is custom-written, people will still argue that it is plagiarism, as well as cheating, because you are claiming credit for work that you didn’t do. But, when using Prescott Papers, you get a guarantee of complete confidentiality. No one will ever learn from Prescott Papers and its writers that you used our services. Doing this has allowed Prescott Papers to maintain its business. We care about the integrity of our clients.

So, is reusing a paper from another course plagiarism? It all depends on whether or not you properly cite yourself for your previous work. When you have a paper on a similar topic to the one you already wrote a paper on written by Prescott Papers, our writer will ensure, if parts of your previous work is used, that the appropriate citations will be there.

Overall, if you are still wary about using Prescott Papers, you can try them out risk free. They can start working on your custom paper, and show you a preview before you pay them any money. When it comes to having a paper done on a topic that is very similar to the topic of a paper you wrote for another class, this risk free way of checking out our services may allow you to see that our writers can produce a paper that is unique and different enough from the previous paper.

Also, if you find any major similarities between the paper we wrote, and the one you wrote for another class, you can ask for edits and revisions to be done at any time. These are unlimited and included for free with your order. We have fast and reliable support via phone and email. You can reach out to us at any time to communicate the changes that need to be made, and we will get back to you in a timely manner. This is another reason that Prescott Papers is one of the best custom writing services out there.

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