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What Happens if You Get Caught Plagiarising in University?

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It happens to all college students at some point. You get tired of staying up all night working on multiple papers and studying for those difficult exams. You have so much work you start looking for workarounds. But when one of those workarounds involves copying someone else’s work and claiming it as your own to get a good grade, that is bad. Let’s look into what happens if you get caught plagiarizing in University.

Getting caught plagiarizing in university almost always leads to failure and/or expulsion. Here are some options of what can happen to you if you’re caught plagiarizing.

  1. Some professors may be more forgiving if this is your first time, and just give you a failing grade on the paper. They may even just give you a lower passing grade, and coach you so you don’t do it in the future.

  2. However, other professors are not that forgiving. Those professors will not only give you a failing grade on the paper, they’ll fail you out of the class completely, regardless of the other work you have done in the class.

  3. It can even go further, and you can be expelled from the university. This can happen if the professor is able to prove plagiarism and brings the evidence to the attention of university administrators. This will happen if your professor uses turnitin.com and finds entire segments of your paper verbatim in a published source, or if they do a google search and find the exact thing you wrote in your paper online. If there’s evidence, you will be expelled. Most universities have zero tolerance when it comes to plagiarism.

If you get expelled for plagiarism, you can forget about applying to any other four-year universities right off the bat., as they will most likely not accept you. You’d have to go down to the community college level and then transfer to a 4-year university after a year. So, your education would be delayed just due to the fact that you plagiarized something.

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Even if you prefer to write your own paper, spending entire nights working on a paper, with academic help from Prescott Papers, is still better than what happens if you’re caught plagiarizing in college. You may be tired in class the next day, but you won’t risk facing possible expulsion or failure.

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