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What Happens When You Plagiarise?

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Plagiarism is very serious. If you’re caught, it can not only damage your academic or business reputation, it can lead to legal consequences as well.

What Can Happen?

So, what happens when you plagiarize? Well, your college experience can be over for a start. Many colleges and universities have zero tolerance when it comes to plagiarism and will expel a student for it after the first offense. Even if you are lucky enough to not face expulsion, you can still fail the class. A failing grade can really bring down your grade point average, and you’ll have to work to bring it back up before you can graduate. On that note, that makes it worse if you are caught plagiarizing during your last semester before graduation. You may have to postpone your graduation to another semester and that’s only if you’re given the chance to do so. Overall, plagiarism can ruin your chance to get that college degree you’ve been working towards.

If your professor suspects that you intentionally plagiarized something, they’ll work hard to find proof. For example, if you just copied something verbatim out of a book written by a well-known scholar that your professor is familiar with, all they have to do is go to the book from the university library and find the passage that you copied. Another option is they can do a google search online using the text they suspect was copied, or they can use the tools at turnitin.com if they already have the class turn in their assignments at that website.

If the professor is able to find proof, they will bring it to the attention of University officials, who will conduct their own formal investigation. When you are being formally accused of plagiarism by the University, you’ll have the opportunity to defend yourself in front of a committee. Because of this process that exists in many colleges and universities, being found guilty of plagiarism does not always lead to expulsion. It does depend on each University’s code of conduct. But there’s a pretty good chance you will get expelled.

The University of Virginia

Let’s take a look at the process that happens when you are formally accused of plagiarism at the University of Virginia. This university has an honor code that all students are bound to follow. They consider plagiarism to be a form of academic fraud because it is claiming the work or ideas of someone else to be your own. Even just paraphrasing something without properly citing it is considered plagiarism by this university.

The University of Virginia gives students a chance to come clean about their plagiarism before there is any suspicion of such an act. Students can do this by filing a retraction form that will allow them to confess and make amends. The university called this a “Conscientious Retraction” (http://www.virginia.edu/honor/faq/)

But if a student is under suspicion for plagiarism, the professor, or even a fellow student, who suspects them can file a report with the University of Virginia honor committee. Two impartial investigators will conduct their own investigation. After the investigation, a panel made up of three honor committee members will look at the evidence that was found. If they find that the evidence presented shows that plagiarism has occurred, the student can then either admit guilt through an “Informed Retraction” (http://www.virginia.edu/honor/informed-retraction/) and leave the University for two semesters (They even have the opportunity to do this when they are first reported), or they can request a hearing.

What makes the University of Virginia different from other universities is that the honor committee is run by students. If a hearing is requested by a student accused of plagiarism, that hearing, or trial as they refer to it, includes jurors made up of committee members and random selected students who will look at the evidence presented. If a student is found guilty of plagiarism during the hearing, they are expelled from the university.

How Will You Learn if You Plagiarize?

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Not only will you possibly get expelled, but when you plagiarize, you cheat yourself out of learning the material fully. Professors assign essays and papers because they want to see that you are learning what they are teaching. They want to see that you can your own original ideas about a particular topic in a well-organized manner. They also want to see that you know how to properly cite something that is paraphrased. Papers and essays are assigned to teach students written communication and organizational skills.

Plagiarism Outside of School

Plagiarism does not have to occur at school. It can occur in any aspect of your life. For instance, a person takes a job where they have to write a song, and copies some of the lyrics directly from another song by another musician. Whereas plagiarism in university can just lead to expulsion, this kind of plagiarism can lead to a day in court for the plagiarist. The musician can take the offending song writer to court for infringing on their intellectual property rights. If found guilty, the offender has to pay the money that the musician lost as a result of the infringement, as well as any legal fees.

Plagiarism can occur in the business world too. Each company has a code of ethics and business plan. Those documents must be unique and not similar to business documents by other companies. Else, their reputation as a legitimate business can be ruined and they will lose a lot of money.

According to the Business Insider, a real life example of plagiarism occurred in the journalism community when CNN fired a news editor for plagiarism. This is per a story on the Business Insider by Steve Kovach, dated May 16, 2014 (http://www.businessinsider.com/cnn-fires-news-editor-plagiarism-2014-5). CNN had to edit the portions of this new editor’s articles that were plagiarized, and even delete entire articles. I searched for the offending editor - Marie-Louise Gumuchian - on Google, and she is still a journalist at The Daily Star in Lebanon (http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Marie-Louise-Gumuchian.ashx) So, her career in journalism was not entirely ruined, but that is not always the case. I bet she couldn’t find another job working in journalism in the United Kingdom or the United States due to the act of plagiarism that she committed while at CNN.

Prescott Papers

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