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What is Considered Plagiarism in a Research Paper?

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When you are a college student, you are undoubtedly going to have to write at least one research paper at some point. It’s important that you know what is considered plagiarism in a research paper so you know how to avoid it. This is important because even accidental plagiarism can lead to a failing grade for the class.

First, what is considered plagiarism in a research paper?

  1. The presentation of words and ideas that don’t belong to you as your own work. If you paraphrase something from a source you use, or quote something directly from a source, and you don’t provide a proper citation in the text and the bibliography, that is plagiarism.

  2. When a research paper is written by someone else, but you turn it as your own work, that is plagiarism. This includes research papers that you buy off the Internet.

  3. The use of your own previous research paper, or the use of parts of a previous research paper you did, without proper citation (Yes, this is needed even for your own work you did in the past), is considered plagiarism. Specifically, it’s known as self-plagiarism. Professors expect you to have original work for each research paper you write, or to have proper citations if you reference any of your previous work.

  4. The copying of parts of a source (or several sources) and/or the rewriting of those parts of those sources, is considered plagiarism.

  5. Incomplete paraphrasing that happens when you only change some words of the text from the source you are using.

  6. The use of content from another student’s work without giving proper credit, or without having permission from the student to use them from a source. You should keep in mind that your instructor may not want you to use another student as a source for your research paper.

The only exception is common knowledge about a topic, and common phrases.

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Guidelines for Avoiding Plagiarism in a Research Paper

  1. When you directly quote something from a source, put quotation marks around the quoted passage in your paper and make sure the citation you attribute to that quote is proper according to the style of writing the professor requires you to use (Most likely, this will be APA or MLA).

  2. When you paraphrase something from a source, you need to provide a proper citation of that as well.

  3. The paraphrasing that you do in the research paper needs to be adequate. You can’t just change a few words. When paraphrasing, you have to summarize in your own words what the author is saying, and, as usual, properly cite the source.

  4. Your research paper cannot be just one cited paraphrase or quotation after another. Your professor needs to see your own ideas about the topic that you researched for the paper.

  5. When you are done writing the paper, read it over carefully to make sure you properly cited everything, and that your own ideas and words are present. It can help to have someone else, such as someone at the academic help center at your college, look over the paper for you.

  6. Plagiarism checking websites and software are also available for students to use. The best ones to use are the premium ones that you have to pay for because they have more features. For example, WriteCheck, a service of Turnitin.com, is available to students for a monthly fee. This system can scan a student’s paper against the billions of Internet and published sources that are in the archives at turnitin.com. The same archives are used when an originality report (usually only viewable by the professor) is composed based on a paper that a student turns in through Turnitin.com.

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