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What Percentage of a Paper is Considered Plagiarism?

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This topic is very subjective, depending on who you ask or what plagiarism checking software is used.

What percentage of a paper is considered plagiarism by the plagiarism checker at Turnitin.com? The originality report that professors (and students themselves in some cases) can look at when papers are submitted via turnitin.com will “highlight any matching material in a paper – even if it is properly quoted and cited” (http://turnitin.com/en_us/resources/blog/422-training/1686-plagiarism-or-similarity). Therefore, the percentage that shows up on a turnitin.com originality report is not a plagiarism percentage necessarily, but a percentage of material that matches something in their archives.

The percentage of a paper that is considered plagiarism is highly subjective. It’s really up to your professor determine if something in your paper is plagiarized. It does not have to be intentional plagiarism either. It can be a simple case of improper or lack of citation. Maybe you quoted a passage from a source you used and forgot to cite it.

Colleges and Universities are not going to consider common expressions and common knowledge about a topic to be plagiarism. There are probably hundreds of college papers written about World War II that state “World War II was...” or “An important battle during World War II was….” Each topic that can be written about at the University level has common knowledge accessible to everyone who studies or writes about that topic. What needs to be cited in a paper are a particular author’s unique ideas or direct quotes about a topic.

You also can’t trust the percentage on the Turnitin.com originality report on your paper. Just because it doesn’t highlight a particular text does not mean that there is no plagiarism. It is possible for turnitin.com, even with as many publications that it has in its database, to miss something. Other avenues to check for plagiarism besides Turnitin.com should be used, just in case.

The percentage of a paper that can be considered plagiarism will never be 100%. That will not happen due to the use of conjunctions, transitions and other required elements of writing.

Typing an Original Paper

But, what amount of a paper is considered plagiarism? That would be whatever amount of a paper has material that is not the writer’s own original ideas and words about a topic. It is also the amount of a paper that has quotations from sources that are not properly attributed. This amount varies depending upon each individual paper.

When a professor finds plagiarized material in a paper, he or she is not going to just wave it off if there’s no other evidence of plagiarism anywhere else in the paper. They may consider it to be a case of accidental plagiarism, and only coach the student rather than report them to school officials. But any amount of plagiarism in a paper is not good.

Students need to be careful not to have any significant amount of plagiarism in their papers. To get further help with this, they can also turn to Prescott Papers, which offers custom college papers as well as academic help.

The custom papers written by the professional writers hired by Prescott Papers will not have any plagiarism. The papers will be completely original, with any quoted source material properly cited in the right style. The writer that is chosen to write your particular paper will be someone who has vast knowledge in the topic your paper is about.

People can argue that these papers from Prescott Papers can still be considered plagiarism, because the original ideas that are presented in the paper are the ideas of the professional writer who wrote it, not you, the student who is turning in the paper as their own work. While it is understandable that people think this, no one needs to know that you used Prescott Papers. Prescott Papers keeps any information about your orders completely confidential. On your end, you can erase all traces that another writer wrote the actual paper, just in case your professor checks the file properties.

Overall, it is easy and beneficial to avoid having a significant amount or percentage of plagiarism in your paper.

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