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Can I Make Powerpoints On An Ipad?

Can I Make Powerpoints On An iPad?

Yes, you can make Powerpoints on an iPad now. This is a huge advantage for many people who love to combine the comfort, portability, and convenience of the iPad with the powerful presentation features of Microsoft's PowerPoint.

Microsoft's PowerPoint continues to be a very popular presentation software and despite many options available from competition, PowerPoint is still sought by most people in the corporate world. And the launch of the iPad version of PowerPoint cements its top position in the market.

So, the answer to your question, "Can I Make Powerpoints On An Ipad? Is "Yes, you can make PowerPoint presentations on iPad." This article gives you some great tips on this aspect which will help you create a fabulous viewing experience for your professor(s) and classmates.

PowerPoint for iPad – some handy tips

Create on your computer and edit on your iPad – The presentation templates available on the iPad version of PowerPoint is far less and far more mundane that the numerous ones available for use in Mac and PC versions of PowerPoint. However, you can edit on the iPad any of the presentations created using any template from the PC or MAC versions even if the template is not part of the downloaded app on the iPad.

So, it is better for you to create the PowerPoint presentation using one of the thousands of vibrant options of the MAC or version. Then transfer it to your iPad and edit as you like. If you do create a presentation on your iPad, then be wary of the font(s) you use. If you choose an iOS font, then you could face some compatibility issues on PowerPoint resulting in texts going out of range or automatic wrapping of texts taking place.

Wireless Presentation via the iPad – Using AirPlay technology from Apple, you can beam your presentation onto a large monitor or projector wirelessly. Your iPad itself will act like a joystick allowing you to control the presentation like flicking through the slides and more.

To play your presentation wirelessly, you will need a Mac or an Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible PC which is connected to the large monitor or projector. The Airplay compatible PC or Apple TV or Mac and your iPad with the PowerPoint presentation have to be connected through the same Wi-Fi connection.

Using this set-up you can mirror the PowerPoint presentation available on your iPad onto the large screen for all to see. This is how you proceed: open the presentation on your iPad and put it on the Presenter View, an option available under the Slide Show tab of PowerPoint. This will ensure that on the iPad, you get to see the slides and the presenter notes whereas the people viewing the large screen will see only the presentation in its entirety.

Make sure you learn all the gestures that are needed to effectively use PowerPoint on the iPad – The reason I am using this as a separate handy tip is because some of the gestures that can facilitate great PowerPoint-iPad compatibility are not that obvious. So, you have to read up the manual or a guide that comes with the PowerPoint for iPad package.

Let me give you an example. If you want to change from the presentation view to the editing view, then all you need to do is a close-pinch gesture. Or if you want to change the position of a slide, you need to simply tap to get it on edit view and then drag it to wherever you want.

These hand gestures are far quicker than stopping the presentation midway and then selecting the edit option or choosing the copy/cut paste option. Being aware of these gestures will increase the efficiency of use.

You can transfer and work with Keynote presentations too – If you have presentations on Apple's own Keynote app, then PowerPoint for iPad allows you to import these too without hassles. You need to open the Keynote presentation and then click on an icon which says, "Open in Another App." From the pop-up, choose the "Open with PowerPoint." Now save this format and then you will be able to edit your work using PowerPoint for iPad.

However, you must be aware that some elements of your Keynote presentation such as like fonts and animations make not be perfectly transferred to PowerPoint. Hence, it is imperative that you edit and correct the errors in the presentation before presenting it to your audience.

The reverse is also possible. You can import PowerPoint presentations onto the Keynote app and edit them. Here too, the transition is not perfect and some elements could get altered or missed. You will have to make necessary corrections before it can be ready for the audience.

PowerPoint for iPad allows you to work with older formats too – The older formats of PowerPoint such as .pptx, .ppt, and .pps files can also be imported into your iPad to work on and edit them. The older .ppt and .pps files will have to be converted to the .pptx formats. When you open the older files for the first time on your iPad, it will prompt you to opt for the conversion.

PowerPoint on iPad does not support embedded audio and video files – This is rather unfortunate. You cannot embed audio and video files onto your presentations and play them via PowerPoint on iPad as this feature is not supported. So, if your presentation includes a video or an audio file, then our iPad will not suffice. You will have to take your laptop with you.

Transitions and animations – Most of the animations that are available on the PC and Mac versions are also available in PowerPoint for iPad. However, sounds cannot be added on the iPad version. But, the sounds that have been included in the presentation while creating it on the PC will be carried over when you present it via the iPad.

Another PowerPoint feature that does not work on iPad is animation. You cannot create animations such as that amazing effect when you can present one bullet point at a time. You cannot get such animation effect. However, the animations that were created while creating the file on a PC will be carried over to the iPad.

Using SmartArt – This is another very limited feature on PowerPoint for iPad. SmartArt objects are commonly used in any presentation and are especially useful to present official hierarchy. Even if the SmartArt object was inserted into the presentation while creating it on a PC, the transition onto the iPad may not be fully compatible and hence should be avoided.

Final Notes

Despite limitations, PowerPoint for iPad can be a boon for simple presentation without much SmartArt objects and with no embedded audio or video file. The portability and convenience of an iPad can never be undermined and it is nice to know and learn about any technology that benefits learning.

Editing your presentation on the go can be very convenient too. More often than not most of you have your iPad ready with you at all times. So, when you have some free time in between a game or while waiting for a friend to turn up, you can easily fiddle around and edit your presentation.

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