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Can You Make Powerpoints On A Mac?

Can You Make Powerpoints On A Mac?

Yes, you can make PowerPoint presentations on a Mac and this article is dedicated to giving you some handy tips on how to create a good and impressive PowerPoint presentation on a Mac.

Handy tips to create a great PowerPoint presentation

You can make create a path for your animations – Moving forward from static animations, now you can create a specific moving path on your screen for your animations. For example, you could show money going into a slot, or a plane flying across the screen, or the path people are taking to travel.

To do this, initially, decide your object from the "Animations" icon. Then click on the "Motions Path" icon and choose from the different options available there. Click on the slide to start the motion of the animation and double to end the path and to get a preview of it.

Use diagrams instead of bullet points – You can use interactive and more interesting diagrams instead of the dull and boring bullet points. Use the SmartArt tab to choose the graphic you want to use. After this, you can fill in the requisite information by employing the services of the editing helper that comes up on your screen.

You can "blackout" the screen – This is most helpful when you want the audience to focus on you instead of the presentation. Press the B key on your Mac keyboard and your computer screen goes black. This will remain till you move on to the next screen.

You can "whiteout" the screen – Going black will take the audience attention off the presentation and move to you. A "whiteout" screen will impress upon the audience to focus more on the information on the slide. This works well when you want to highlight a particular slide that, perhaps, summarizes your presentation in one succinct sentence or a slide that is reinforcing your opinion. Just press the W button on your Mac keyboard.

You can pair a specific IR remote with your Mac – This is especially useful if you expect pranksters sitting among the audience waiting to play spoilsport and create unnecessary distractions during your presentation by using their own remotes.

Your Mac by default pairs with any Apple remote. However, you can reprogram any InfraRed (IR) remote to work with your Mac. When you pair a specific remote with your computer, you can also tell it to ignore all remotes.

To pair an IR remote with your Mac, go to System Preferences on your computer and choose Security and Privacy. You will be prompted for the system password. After you have keyed in the password, you will be able to click on the "General" tab. Here, in the bottom right corner, you will see the "Advanced" icon. Under this, you will find the "Pair" button to connect a new remote. Add the one you are going to use.

If you are not going to use any IR remote, then you can disable the infrared receiver by ticking the "disable" box thereby preventing anyone else from remote controlling your presentation.

You can save your presentation as a movie or an image – To send your presentations as notes to others, you have the option of saving in on your device as images. The animations will not work in this version but you will be able to read all the texts and notes.

You can also save your presentation in the form of a movie and in this version, the animations remain. Of course, you can only watch the presentation in this form; you will not be able to control or edit it.

To save as images, first open the presentation. Go to File->Save as Pictures. This will prompt you to give the location for the images to be saved. Once you have done so, the presentation in the form of images gets saved there.

To save as a movie, again open the presentation. Go to File->Save as Movie and follow the same instructions as above.

Use the "Guided Methods" option under PowerPoint for Mac to learn and master the art of making a great presentation. This option is available under the Templates icon. The presentations under the "Guided Methods" use templates to show you how PowerPoint works on Mac.

One particular template is called "Five Rules for Creating a Great Presentation." This is very useful as it works like a guide giving you tips and tricks on how to use PowerPoint on Mac. Go through it before you do your next PowerPoint presentation.

Final Notes

Your professor is going to be really impressed with you if you spend some time and energy in preparing an interesting and comprehensive presentation as per the instructions provided. So learn and master the art of doing a great presentation.

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