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How to Add Speaker Notes in PowerPoint Presentation

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Speaker notes are your reference when you are presenting a PowerPoint. PowerPoint allows you to type up additional notes on things that you wish to address on each slide. In this short article, we’ll go over how to add speaker notes in a PowerPoint presentation. We’ll also go over how helpful speaker notes can be to a presentation and the reasons they are used.

When you are working on a PowerPoint presentation, it’s important that you don’t put a lot of text and other elements on one slide. Doing so makes the slide too cluttered. However, during your presentation, you’ll have to go into more detail about what’s showing on each slide. That is why speaker notes are a powerful tool in PowerPoint. You can note what you are going to discuss on each slide. You can even note how you are going to navigate each slide.

Knowing this, you may be asking this question: How can I add speaker notes to a PowerPoint? Well, it’s very simple. First, you need to be in Normal view, Outline View or Notes view. In Normal View and Outline View, the screen is divided into three sections - a vertical section on the left, and two rectangle sections on the right, one on top of the other. All of these sections can be resized. The bottom section on the right is where you can type your speaker notes. If you don’t see it, you can click the Notes button in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen. Adding notes to a slide in Notes page view is pretty self-explanatory. Just type in the notes in the section that states “Click to add text”.

The audience will not see your speaker notes during the slide show. The speaker notes are for your reference only. You can print out your notes along with thumbnails of accompanying slides to use during your class presentation.

It’s up to you what format your speaker notes will be in when you add them. Putting them in chronological order of what you are going to talk about on each slide is best because you can go from one point to the other without jumping around. You can even indicate when you are going to activate a motion path within the slide or note the point when you’ll begin an audio clip.

Here are two reasons that speaker notes are useful:

  1. You can refer to the notes instead of just trying to remember what you are going to say about each slide. While memorization is good, it’s even better to sound confident when you are giving your presentation. Trying to memorize what you are going to say just makes you more nervous, which will show when you are speaking.

  2. You’ll be able to decide beforehand what the additional key points you are going to cover for each slide will be. For example, if you are working on a presentation about sustainable farming methods, you can focus one slide on one method and note additional points to that method in the speaker notes.

Maybe the slides are already finished and ready to be presented, but you are indecisive or having difficulty on how to present the information. The PowerPoint professionals at Prescott Papers can help you add speaker notes to your PowerPoint presentation. We will make original (not plagiarized) speaker notes to help your presentation go smoothly. We’ll indicate where you should transition in each slide so that your presentation progresses in a way that does not confuse your audience.

Why should you place an order to have Prescott Papers help with your speaker notes?

  1. We will do our best to hire a PowerPoint professional who is knowledgeable in the subject that your presentation is about. For instance, if you are doing a presentation on the French Revolution, we may hire a former graduate student in history who went to an accredited University and studied the French Revolution.

  2. The speaker notes will not have any errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax. They will also be clear and concise so that you can understand them.

  3. You can contact us at any time by phone and email to check the status of your order. Our support is fast and reliable. You can even utilize the chat on www.prescottpapers.com when it’s online or you can leave a message when it’s offline. Just look for the graphic at the bottom right of the screen that will either saw “Online…” or “Offline – Leave a Message”.

  4. The PowerPoint presentation that you give us to add speaker notes to will not be shared with anyone else. We will keep all your information completely confidential.

Overall, speaker notes can add a lot to a PowerPoint presentation. When you have the speaker notes done by Prescott Papers, your presentation will stand out.

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