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How To Make A Powerpoint In Apa Format

How to Make a Powerpoint in Apa Format

The APA format is an editorial style used by multiple behavioral and social sciences to present research papers and other scientific presentations.

According to American Psychological Association, the APA style was created and developed by a team of social scientists over 80 years ago. The founders of the APA format intended to set up standard practices of communication.

Any editorial style will focus on the following elements and create rules and regulations to achieve a certain standard. This set of rules and regulations will ensure all writers using the particular style adhere to it strictly so as to achieve clarity and uniformity.

  • Abbreviations and punctuations

  • Selection of headings

  • Construction of tables

  • Presentation of statistics

  • Citations of references

You can use the APA style while creating your PowerPoint presentations. You can either use APA-styled citations within a PowerPoint presentation or cite a PowerPoint presentation in a written document.

This article tells you how to make a PowerPoint in APA format and also how to make citations of a PowerPoint presentation in a written document. We will take the latter point first because it is easier than the former.

How to make a citation of PowerPoint presentations in a written document

PowerPoint presentations that are published as research papers are available on the internet. When you have used such a presentation as a source for information in your paper, you have to cite the source along with the phrase "PowerPoint slides" in brackets. Then use the following format:

[Surname of author], [Initial of the first name of the author.] [Initial of the second name of the author.] [Title of the source][PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from [URL notation].

How to make a PowerPoint in apa format

It is imperative that you cite all your sources which you have used in your paper so as to avoid repercussions of plagiarism. To this end, you must treat your PowerPoint presentation as a research paper. All colleges insist on correct and appropriate citations of all outside sources on all PowerPoint presentations. These sources could include one or more of the following:

  • Paraphrased ideas and words

  • Direct quotes

  • Audio and video files

  • Images

  • Tables and Data

Your PowerPoint presentation must look like any research paper

To ensure that your PowerPoint presentation looks like a research paper (as insisted by almost all colleges), it must have the following elements:

  • A title page

  • Body with appropriate APA citations

  • A reference page with all the sources listed alphabetically

  • Tables with data and figures must also be fully cited in the APA style

First, prepare the reference page

The reference page is always the last slide in your PowerPoint presentation. However, it makes sense to start with this page to ensure that no citations are missed. The reference page consists of a list of all the APA citations used throughout the presentation. To create this slide, do the following:

  • The title of the slide should read, "Reference" or "Reference List"

  • All references should be listed in alphabetical order

  • Avoid indenting or double spacing your reference slide to save space

Details of the other slides

Your first slide in the PowerPoint presentation should be like the cover page of your written APA-styled research paper. The first slide should include the following:

  • The presentation title

  • Your name

  • The name of the organization or college

  • A small note by the author giving the purpose of the presentation

Make sure all citations in the middle slides are properly formatted as per APA style. In the body of the presentation, APA citations should include only the author's name, date of publication, and, if applicable, the page number.

Make sure every source used in the entire presentation is cited in the above format. Whenever needed, you should hyperlink your citations and images to their respective sources. All paraphrases and quotes have to be cited as well.

Images and Figures in your PowerPoint presentation

All images and figures that you have used in your PowerPoint presentation and are not of your own making have to be correctly cited. Use the following guidelines for images and figures

  • Under every image and/or figure, include either the author's name or the copyright owner's name and the publication date

  • If the date of publication is not known or not available, then you can use the date of retrieval

  • If you have got the image or figure from a print source, you must include the page number as well

  • If you have got the image or figure from a digital source, you must include the web address

  • The figure or image must also have notations stating if it is adapted or reprinted

Tables in your PowerPoint presentation

You can use APA-styled citations for your tables as follows: (make those notations in parenthesis directly below the table)

  • Immediately under the table, include the author's last name along with the date of publication

  • Tables that are exactly replicated should include the last name of the author, date of publication, and the page number

Importance of citations

There are many important reasons why you must cite all sources correctly and appropriately. And the reasons include:

  • When a writer cites the source that he or she used to develop his or her own idea, the writer is honoring all the people who started off the idea

  • When a writer does not cite correctly, he or she is violating the rights of the people who started or initiated the idea. Keeping track of the sources is critical in recording evidence of all the people involved in the entire process till the time of your own paper.

  • Another very critical reason for proper citations is the fact that academics should be able to trace back the genealogy of the initiation and development of ideas

  • Proper citations give your paper a factual basis and add support to your opinions and arguments

  • Helps in protecting you against plagiarism charges

  • Demonstrates the fact that you have conducted thorough research to write your paper

  • Proper and accurate citations ensure that the reader can easily access the same sources.

Completeness of work and accuracy are the cornerstones of a good research paper. Please ensure that all the sources you used in your PowerPoint presentation are cited properly and accurately.

Final Notes

The APA formatting is one of the most commonly used formats in writing any research paper especially scientific papers. While many students understand the importance of proper citations in documents, it is a common mistake among them to forget or simply be ignorant about proper citations in PowerPoint presentations too.

It is, therefore, important for you to treat your PowerPoint presentation also like any research paper and ensure that all outside sources are duly credited with citations. If you have any doubt about citations and other aspects of writing, you can contact us at Prescott Papers,

Our qualified and experienced writers would be very happy to help and guide you through this rather complex aspect of writing. Call us for all your academic writing needs including custom essays, research papers, projects, assignments and more.

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