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Powerpoint Alternatives For Students

Powerpoint Alternatives For Students

Microsoft PowerPoint is, perhaps, the most popular presentation software application that is used by students and professionals. It has all the features needed to make your presentation simple to create and great to view. It is good and easy to work with too. Yet, PowerPoint does not come free of cost.

If you are looking Powerpoint alternatives for students including but not limited to cheaper and free versions, then you have come to the right place. This article gives you a list of PowerPoint alternatives that also promise to deliver similar results as PowerPoint. However, some of the alternatives are not 100% free and a few are actually more expensive than PowerPoint.

So, here goes.

PowerPoint Alternatives for Students

LibreOffice Impress – LibreOffice is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office. Moreover, it is totally free, cross-platform and open-source. Impress is PowerPoint's analogy in LibreOffice.

Impress lets you create slides just like PowerPoint does and you can edit, view, and print for handout purposes. All PowerPoint formats including PPT, PPTX, and PPS are supported by LibreOffice Impress.

Zoho Show – Zoho, like LibreOffice and Microsoft Office, is an office suite. Zoho offers a free version but for advanced features, you will have to pay a subscription fee. Zoho Show is PowerPoint's analogy under Zoho and this presentation tool allows you to create, edit, save, and manage presentations.

It is an online tool and you will be able to manage all your presentations from anywhere provided you have internet access. Zoho Show allows you to collaborate online too. Zoho Show supports multiple formats including PPTX, PPT, PPS, SXI, and ODP and no matter which format you use, you will able to use it in Zoho Show without any distortions or misaligned images or pictures.

Google Slides – Google Slides is 100% free and is an online web app. It allows you to create, edit, and manage presentations from anywhere you are provided you have access to the internet. Google Slides also comes with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Google Slides supports real-time annotations and collaborations. You can export Google Slides presentations to PowerPoint and import PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides easily and without hassles.

SlideDog – In comparison to Google Slides, PowerPoint, and other such presentation tools, SlideDog is ultra modern and easy to use.

You can take all types of file formats including videos, images, websites, PDF, and also Prezi and PowerPoint files and combine them all seamlessly by using SlideDog. SlideDog works very well for straightforward and simple image presentations.

You can also share your presentation live to an audience sitting in different locations and all can watch in real-time over the internet. The online audience can comment on the slides, can ask questions, and can vote too. You can receive feedback immediately after you have finished your presentation.

Visme – Although Visme is not a dedicated presentation tool, it is possible to create presentations with it. Visme has its own online editor and comes with multiple templates. You can edit and change anything you want including backgrounds, fonts, images, colors, and more.

You can publish your presentation online, save it offline, or as a PDF file. But, Visme does not allow you to export to or import from PowerPoint. Another limitation is that you can publish your presentation free online but you can download your projects only in JPG format. Other formats cost you money.

Sozi – This free tool does not work with slides. It uses a large canvas which you can design how you want. You can draw or embed content and you can move from area to area across the canvas. While it may not render your presentation a professional profile, for simple presentations which call for some amount of dynamism, Sozi works wonderfully well.

Powtoon – This is a very interesting presentation tool that helps you to create presentations that work on "story telling" rather than "fact telling." Using Powtoon, you can use animated characters to introduce your products, your ideas, or yourself. You can create animated video clips using your presentation and put them up on your website.

The problem with Powtoon is that while a free version with limited features is available, for added and advanced features, you will have to pay a subscription fee. And, if you want a serious, professional type of presentation, then this may not impress your professor. However, as a student, you can use Powtoon subjects like History and English wherein you can interpret characters as per your understanding and present it like a witty story.

Keynote – Keynote from Apple is a great alternative for Microsoft's PowerPoint as it has a user-friendly interface and a few diehard Apple fans will rate it above PowerPoint in terms of ease of use. The downside is that it does not work on other OS platforms and is compatible only with PowerPoint for Mac or iPad.

Final Notes

A good presentation tool replete with all features that enhance the look, feel, and value of your presentation can change the way your work turns out. With a little bit of hard work combined with an amazing graphics tool (free or otherwise), your professor is going to be super impressed. Yes, remember some of the free tools mentioned are as good as Microsoft PowerPoint. You just need to spend a little time on the learning curve and build up your skills.

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