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PowerPoint presentations have become standard for the following:

  1. Teachers and Professors

  2. Individual students giving a speech

  3. A small group of students in the same class giving a presentation on a particular topic.

  4. A job seeker looking to obtain a position at a good company

  5. A high-level executive at a company who is wanting to show the company’s achievements for the last quarter during a company-wide meeting.

As you can see, people from both academia and the professional world give PowerPoint presentations. If you are still in college, you may even have to give a PowerPoint presentation in class at some point.

The information you give in the PowerPoint may be important. However, if the design of the PowerPoint is boring and cluttered, your classmates will lose interest. Not to mention the PowerPoint part of your presentation can count towards your grade. For those in the business world, a well-designed PowerPoint will impress your colleagues and bosses. Therefore, it is essential that you have a polished PowerPoint. This article will focus on tips for a great PowerPoint design that will keep your audience engaged.

  1. First, you need to consider how you are going to design the layout of each slide. People in western cultures are going to read text from left to right. It’s only natural. To take advantage of this, you can align the elements on each slide and thus, get people to see the information in the order that you want them to see it.

For example, on this slide, the text is on the left. That catches the reader’s eye first, and they read the rest of the text. The audience’s eyes will naturally go to the right of the screen, where they will see the text. In essence, wherever you want the audience’s attention to be first, you should put that element on the right side.

PowerPoint Design - Cover Slide Design - Cats

You can also utilize animation effects on your slides as well as motion paths to animate slide elements. For example, lines of text can appear one at a time, fading in so that they slowly appear on the screen.

  1. There is no need to put all of the information that you are presenting on the slides. The slides just need to contain the highlights of your presentation. They do not need to contain a lot of detail. The focus needs to be on what you are saying. Your presentation is not going to be effective if you are just reading off each slide. For student presenters, the point is for your classmates to learn something new, or see something presented in a different way.

If you are giving a PowerPoint presentation for a business meeting, a PowerPoint with highlights of information instead of details shows your colleagues that you can convey ideas in a concise manner.

Also, long sentences do not belong on a PowerPoint slide. You need to keep the wording to just very short sentences or fragments, else the audience will pay more attention to the slide instead of you.

  1. You can also put pictures, sound clips, videos, graphics or other elements that will help to enhance the main ideas of your presentation for your audience. For example:

  1. A Chemistry student can demonstrate with a SmartArt graphic the steps to running a certain experiment.

  2. Another student could include a video clip of factory farming practices on their PowerPoint about animal cruelty.

  3. A Chief Financial Officer can insert a chart showing the growth in revenue for their company during the past year.

But it is important not to put too many videos, sound clips, objects and graphics on one slide, especially when there is text on the slide as well. You want the audience to focus on the points that you are making on each slide. Too many special elements are distracting.

  1. When considering what template to use in your PowerPoint, it is best to keep it simple. There are a ton of templates that are already available in PowerPoint. It also provides options such as changing the style of the background, changing the color scheme and changing the font style. PowerPoint has a designer function to help you even further with designing your PowerPoint.

  1. Also, you need to use muted colors. In other words, no bright and shiny neon colors that are distracting and annoying to the audience. As far as text, you need to use a dark color on a light background and a light color on a dark background. While you are going to be giving the audience the information in your speech, they need to see the text on the PowerPoint as well. Their eyes will get strained if they have a hard time reading what is on the projector screen.

Also, make sure that the text color and background color are compatible with each other. PowerPoint presentations with contrasting colors do not look good. There are color tools online if you need to see which colors look good together.

PowerPoint Presentation Design - Image and Text Design - Cats

  1. You should not use an intricate background for your PowerPoint presentation unless it fits in well with what you are presenting and the type of presentation you are giving. In most cases, the background needs to be simple so the focus can be on the content.

  1. To make the text on a presentation readable, you need to use readable fonts. Examples of such fonts are Garamond, Bookman and Times New Roman. Again, this is for your audience’s benefit. If you are presenting a PowerPoint about a topic in class, your classmates need to be able to read what is on each slide. You also need to keep using the same font through the presentation, to maintain consistency.

  1. You need to use a large font size. You want your audience to see the text on your slides from a distance. When considering what font size to use, you need to look at the size of the classroom. If it is a huge lecture hall, then you want the font to be big enough so that even people in the back row can see it. Besides, using a large font size also helps you remember not to put too much information on one slide.

A lot of thought needs to go into designing a PowerPoint, especially when it has many slides, with many elements to include. If you don’t have a good eye for design, you may not feel confident in how your PowerPoint looks. Well, Prescott Papers is here to help. We have PowerPoint experts who know about effectively designing a PowerPoint. They’ll design a PowerPoint according to your exact specifications. It will be completely custom and well thought-out.

Maybe you have the content of your PowerPoint figured out, but can’t decide how to place it on the PowerPoint slides? Well, we can hire PowerPoint experts who are artistically inclined and have a great eye for design to help you. They will know which elements to put together. They can also check your text for the presentation and make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

They will also work with you as well and are happy to make any changes that you request. Fast and reliable support is available by phone and email. You can call us or email us to check on the status of your PowerPoint order or to request changes. Prescott Papers believes in giving great customer service to our customers. It’s why many people have given us great reviews.

Overall, it is great to know how to design a PowerPoint. It will make your classroom presentations more interesting. The design of a PowerPoint can make or break a presentation. So, if you ever need any help on the design of your PowerPoint presentation, don’t hesitate to go to www.prescottpapers.com today.

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