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Sample PowerPoint Presentation

This article goes over a sample PowerPoint presentation that I made for just this purpose. Along the way, I will go over how I designed each slide as well as how I would present it in front of an audience.

First Slide

Sample Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - First Slide

First, let’s look at the template used for this PowerPoint, which is already available in PowerPoint. I modified the colors, fonts, and style using the options under the Variants panel on the design ribbon.

I chose these colors because they are soft and easy on the eyes. I used the lighter colors on the text because that is where I want the audience’s attention. You need to be sure to use lighter text on a dark background and vice versa when you have a light background. Your audience may get eye strain if there are struggling to read the text on the slide.

Because the background is not too dark, I included a vector graphic on the intro slide. You can still see the contrast between the graphic and the background, which is a good thing. The reason I felt comfortable using such a graphic on the medium-dark background is that the graphic stands out in the background. This vector graphic of nine cats in various poses works well for the topic of the presentation.

Now, how would I present this slide? First, I would introduce the topic about funny cat behaviors by talking about the funny things done by my cat. That is an attention-grabbing way to draw in the audience. By talking about my cat, I am introducing the topic in a fun and interesting way. Plus, I am relating directly to those in the audience who also own cats.

Second Slide

Sample Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - Second Slide

Obviously, this slide is about how cats stick their butts in our face. It’s one of the most annoying cat behaviors, but also one of the funniest.

I placed the text on the right because that is where the audience is going to look first naturally. The text is short and gets to the point. I chose the picture because it fits the topic of the slide very well. It is also funny. In a presentation like this one, there has to be some humor.

To present this slide, I would…

  1. I would point out that cats who are comfortable with each other sniff each other’s butts. In fact, cats will raise up their tail to that cats that they do not consider a threat. It’s their way of stating that they are not a threat either.

  2. However, cats don’t expect us as humans to sniff their butts, even though they have no problem raising their tails and sticking their butts right in our face. 3.

  3. Instead, we should think of this behavior as a huge compliment from a cat. I would go into more depth about the reasons listed on the slide.

Third Slide

Sample Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - Third Slide

This slide is set up the same way as the previous slide. Therefore, there’s no need to go into the layout. But, to present it, I would...

  1. Tell a story about how my cat stares at me intently a lot.

  2. Go into more depth about the reasons cats do this. First, I would focus on the positive. I would tell the audience that their cat stares at the as a way of showing their love. I would state that the way to tell is if the cat is slowly blinking its eyes.

  3. Then, I would get into the other reasons. I would start with “they want food” since that is on the slide. That would lead to other reasons for cats staring at us, such as:

  1. They don’t know us and are checking us out

  2. They are looking to pounce on you

  1. I would talk a bit about studies that cat experts have done on this behavior.

Fourth Slide

Sample Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - Fourth Slide

It’s good to have some variety in your PowerPoint design during your presentation. That is why I designed this slide differently from the previous two. I decide to use the flow chart graphic (found under SmartArt on the Insert ribbon) because it was a different way to present the information. It also forced me to keep the text short.

I picked out the pictures carefully as well and put thought into how to arrange them on the slide. Since the picture with the cat shows the cat looking up, I placed that image on the bottom. Then, I placed the bird image diagonal to it. Why? It’s a simple way to know the moment before the cat begins to chatter.

The star shape was a design decision. The pictures were overlapping each other. But when I resized the pictures, they didn’t look right. So, I inserted the star shape and placed it so that it covered up where the two pictures overlapped. I made two edges of the star line up with the picture edges so that the two pictures and the star together look like a single graphic. Design ideas like this in a PowerPoint do not take much time at all.

Another option for this slide is including a sound clip of a cat who is chattering. This sound clip would demonstrate to those in your audience who don’t have cats what it sounds like when they chatter.

To present this, I would:

  1. Play a sound clip of a cat chattering and explain what is in the graphic.

  2. Go into why cats engage in this behavior. I would talk about how cats never lose their hunting instinct, even when fully-domesticated.

  3. I would go into various reasons given for this behavior. For example, the cat is chattering because it is frustrated at not being able to get to the bird.

Fifth Slide

Sample Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - Fifth Slide

I made this PowerPoint short for the purpose of the article. So, I decided to place three cat behaviors on one slide. I stuck to just pictures and text for screenshot purposes. However, if I were presenting this, I would use animation effects to fade the elements in and out. For instance, the picture above “butt wiggle” would fade in. Then, the text would fade in.

For example, I would make it so that the title would always appear on the slide. Then, the part about the butt wiggle behavior would appear first. I would speak about why cats engage in this behavior. Then, the part about the butt wiggle would disappear, and the part about how cats lie on their backs would come up. I would talk about that behavior. The same would happen for the last behavior (rubbing against you) as well. I would go into detail about each behavior.

Another option that would be great for this slide, as well as the other main slides, is video clips. That would make the presentation more humorous and fun. For instance, I could show a YouTube video of a cat wiggling its butt before it pounces.

Final Slide

Sample Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - Final Slide

I made this slide simple because this is the end of the presentation, and I want the audience to focus on the questions and the discussion. I would ask the audience about other funny cat behaviors that they have noticed, and we will discuss those behaviors. Then, I would ask if the audience had any questions.

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