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I Can't Stop Procrastinating... Please Help!

I Can't Stop Procrastinating. Please Help!

Procrastination is, indeed, the bane of humanity and college students in particular. Putting off work is the easiest thing to do; the natural instinct in humans to do as little work as possible.

How many times you have gone to bed with a guilty conscience? How many times you have answered the question, "What did I do today" with "Nothing!" While you may have done something; it just many not have been anything really important.

When deadlines for the various assignments and papers and projects hit you like a ton of bricks, you are screaming at no one in particular, "I can't stop procrastinating. Please help!" Psychologists attribute various reasons for our natural procrastinating attitude and I have listed a few of them here.

Reasons for procrastination

  • Procrastinating means we do the usual stuff that carries no risk and we humans love to avoid risk. Our heart and mind love it when we feel safe and are not vulnerable to pain. So, we do the normal things and put off important things that seem to carry a risk!

  • When we procrastinate, we are using up the time saved to do things that are more fun and tend to give immediate results. Tasks that we put off are usually those that give results at a later stage. Immediate gains are always more attractive than delayed gratification.

  • Procrastination defers success and humans actually are afraid of success. Are you finding it difficult to believe this? It is quite true. Success brings with it changes and we hate changes. Success makes us grow and alter our personality to align with the success and we don't like it. Change is difficult and it is a natural tendency to avoid change. And hence the dislike to success.

  • We love our comfort zones and hate to be uncomfortable. We resist hard work and effort.

It is, indeed, ironical that over a long period, procrastination will compel us to work harder by enhancing our levels of anxiety, the feeling of worthlessness, and feelings of guilt and annoyance. So, it is better to work a little less hard and avoid procrastination.

So, how do we overcome our natural instincts and face challenges head on and find the strength to prevent procrastination? This article aims to give you some tips on how to avoid procrastination.

How to avoid procrastination?

Make to-do lists – No matter how clichéd this tip sounds, it is timeless. Lists are fun to make and as you keep knocking off tasks completed, you will feel a sense of satisfaction. Even the simple act of making that seemingly dreaded list is a task that you have been putting off! Making lists also helps you record everything thereby preventing the risk of forgetting important matters. Put up the list at a place which is clearly visible to you and where you cannot avoid seeing it.

Keep yourself motivated – Don't feel shy to reward yourself as you keep completing the tasks from the list. Also, think of the worst case scenario that can happen if you did the job. If the task is an essay that you need to write but you are scared of the result, then the worst scenario would be that the essay is bad.

Anyway, only you would have read it and you can always make changes to improve it. Moreover, completing the essay would make you feel really good and you will feel motivated enough to improve on it.

Make yourself accountable for your failure. However, it makes sense to have a support system wherein you can bounce off your sense of humiliation, shame, and guilt that are usually results of failure. Make sure that you rid yourself of these negative feelings because otherwise, they have the immense power to reverse motivation. Remember it is perfectly fine to fail because failures are, after all, stepping stones to success.

Don't be afraid of change – If you do an essay well enough for your teacher to be impressed, it is quite likely that you might get added responsibilities such as being the leader of a group assigned to complete a paper. Don't be afraid of such responsibilities and changes. Embrace the changes with open arms and be ready to accept higher challenges. You will find your capabilities increasing with each added responsibility.

Avoid giving in to your moods – Our moods are our greatest enemies making us bigger failures than otherwise. Do not listen to your mood especially the bad ones. If your mood says, "Don't do this," then make sure you do it with added effort. And when you feel the happiness after finishing the task, you will realize the value of your moods!

Clear up clutter around you – If your surroundings are cluttered and messy, you will feel the compulsion of procrastination more than if the working area was clean and tidy. Allot places for all your things, and ensure they are kept there when not in use. Label your books in such a way that you can see them easily.

Get rid of the excuses – Every time you think of coming up with an excuse, nip the feeling in the bud. Excuses build impregnable walls between you and your goals, but these walls come up only when you give attention to the excuses. Ignore the excuses and watch the walls crumble giving your free access to your life goals.

Work in small chunks of time – Allotting hours to a task can take its toll on your stress levels. Instead, break up your task into small manageable portions and initially work only for about 15-20 minutes each time you choose to do the task. You will see this duration increase of its own free will as you become more involved and engaged with the task.

Final Notes

As you chip away at the wall of procrastination slowly but surely, you will begin to feel the good effects sooner than later and your own confidence levels will reach higher than before. Now, don't procrastinate anymore; get down to work.

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