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Prescott Papers Reviews

Prescott Papers Reviews

In the age of the internet, online customer reviews are the word-of-mouth that spread good and bad feedback instantly and, at times, rather unjustly. Gritty, honest, and genuine reviews can have a profound positive effect on potential customers; angry and resentful reviews can have an unpleasant backlash for the service provider.

When you read reviews about various writing service companies, you get a good understanding of the quality of work they produce. While some of the customer testimonials, especially those on the company website, could be filtered and exceedingly glorious, the ones you find on third-party review websites are more likely to be straightforward and unbiased.

There are multiple sites wherein you will find Prescott Papers Reviews. Many of the sites have positive reviews left by students who were impressed with the various services offered by Prescott Papers. Excerpts from five different verified, trustworthy, third-party platforms are shown below:


Website Rating (as of 13 June, 2017)
Sitejabber (4.89 out of 5) Sidejabber Summary - PrescottPapers reviews - 4.89 of 5.0 Stars
Trustpilot (8.6 out of 10) Trustpilot Summary - Great - 8.6 of 10.0 - 12 Reviews on Trustpilot
Trustmus (5 out of 5) Trustmus Summary - Prescottpapers reviews - Excellent - 5.0 of 5.0 - 3 Reviews
Glassdoor (5 out of 5) Glassdoor Summary - 5.0 of 5.0 Stars, 100% Would Recommend to a Friend
Facebook (4.8 out of 5) Facebook Summary - 4.8 of 5.0 Stars; 4 Reviews


Sidejabber Detailed Summary - 18 Reviews from Our Community

Sitejabber allows users to break down reviews across five different points. Our clients have expressed satisfaction with all five: Service, value, shipping and delivery, returns, and quality.

Sitejabber Excerpts - "Excellent prompt service!" and "Completely worth it"


Trustpilot Excerpt - Good - Verified Order

One way to know that a review is legitimate is to check to see if it has been analysed by an unbiased third party. For example, Trustpilot verifies that reviews are legitimate by requesting clients to provide an order ID. The screenshot above shows an example of a review for a verified order, which lets you know that Prescott Papers has legitimate feedback.


Trustmus Excerpt - "They took my order, thank God"

To provide the best service, our specialists are screened extensively. We’re always happy to hear feedback from clients who request help with specialty subjects, in this case foreign language writing.


Glassdoor Excerpt - Employee Review (Social Media Marketer)

In addition to satisfied clients, Prescott Papers aims to provide an efficient and enjoyable workplace for our writers, employees, contractors, and partners. A great workplace results in a motivated and productive workforce, which means great papers and reliable support!


Facebook Excerpt - "Wonderful work..."

Tips for Evaluating Reviews

As reviews can be highly biased based on personal experiences, this article aims at giving you insights on how to discern a genuine review from one that is unduly glorious or unnecessarily disdainful.

Relevant details will be included – In a well-written review, the information offered will be relevant to the topic while all other extraneous information will be strictly excluded. Regardless of whether the reviewer had a good or bad experience, their assessment will discuss details associated with the order given to the writing service provider--details such as when the order was placed, a brief summary of the order, how long the process took, and other details associated with the services provided.

For example, consider this review of a technical project. The client’s feedback is detailed, relevant, and descriptive:

Anonymous Review on SQL/IT Work

A genuine review will have useful information– Being "good" is not enough for you. A review may support or contradict claims made by the company, and verify whether or not information found on their website is accurate. The information provided by the review should also give you insight that is not easily available on the company’s website. For example, the review could include details of a free revision that the company implemented, or mention that their project was completed ahead of, or behind, schedule. It might include positive or negative customer service experiences that the reviewer had with the company. The review must clearly come across as an objective one– A good reviewer will know that the review reflects his or her personal experience, and the person reading could likely have a different one. The review you read should be highly objective in nature without the presence of resentment or overexcitement. The review must clearly represent the fact that this experience was the reviewer's alone and may be exceptional due to their own unique circumstances.

A good review will never start with outstanding praise or an outright rebuke– An emotional start to a review reflects a highly charged writer whose views may not be very objective. Additionally, a review should never include unnecessarily rude remarks or excessive exclamation marks to represent anger or surprise. These are all signs that the reviewer was overly emotional and may not be a reputable source of information.

A good review should have the other party's perspective as well– An unbiased review should acknowledge the other party's point of view. For example, if the reviewer presents a bad experience, then they should also mention their thoughts as to why he or she thinks that the outcome was not the best that it could have been. While bad service is quite unforgivable in a service industry, an objective review will reflect the writer's sense of understanding of the issues faced by the service provider making the review more credible than otherwise.

Prescott Papers offers academic writing assistance services to students across different levels of complexity and difficulty. The company offers multiple writing services from all domains ranging from humanities to pure sciences. Our range of work includes custom essays, PowerPoint presentations, editing services, etc.

The Results are In...

Thousands of students and professionals from Oxford to University of Oregon, Australia to Zimbabwe, and from sea to shining sea choose Prescott Papers for trustworthy and professional writing, math coursework, computer science projects, and more!

PrescottPapers.com Review Greg Prescott

Send your instructions and relax. When you order from prescottpapers.com, you’ll learn why over 2,425 students and professionals across 49 different countries and six different continents trust PrescottPapers to deliver their orders on time and exactly as requested.

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Clients have rated Prescott Papers as a 4.87 out of 5.00 across 39 reviews on 5 different platforms.

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