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Project Management Body Of Knowledge

Project Management Body of Knowledge

Project Management is an emerging subject and is still in its rudimentary stage. The practices and skills sets prescribed and described under Project Management Body of Knowledge is applicable to most of the projects most of the time. A perfect standardization that is free from all ambiguity is still work in progress.

Project Management Body of Knowledge is a term that includes all the knowledge and skills within the project management profession. Like all other professions, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) rests with the academicians and the practitioners in the project management field.

The PMBOK is a collection of knowledge areas and processes that are accepted as best practices by the professionals, practitioners, and academicians in the field of project management. The PMBOK is useful for study and reference by any of the following people and/or groups of people:

  • Senior executives

  • Managers along with their team of project managers

  • Project managers and their team members

  • Project stakeholders and project customers

  • Functional Managers who have project teams reporting into them

  • Teachers and professors teaching project management

  • Specialists and consultants working as part of a project management

  • Trainers involving in creating content or training people on different aspects of project management.

This article defines some of the nomenclature used in project management including the areas of study and application.

What is a project?

All organizations perform work which includes projects and/or operations. Projects and operations have common characteristics including

  • Projects and/or operations are done by people

  • Projects and/or operations have limited resources

  • Projects and/or operations require planning, execution, and control

The difference in operations and projects is the fact that operations are invariably repetitive and ongoing whereas projects are generally unique and temporary. Hence, a project is a temporary work order that is undertaken to create a new and/or unique service or product.

So, every project will have a beginning and will have an ending. "Unique" reflects something that is not presently available in the products and services range of the organization.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is the application of available techniques, tools, knowledge, and skills on project activities to achieve project requirements. Project management uses the following processes and phases:

  • Initiation

  • Planning and/or strategizing

  • Executing

  • Controlling

  • Closing

The work of a project team managing a project involves the following:

  • Managing competing demands for time, scope, quality, and risk

  • Managing stakeholders with varying expectations and differing needs

  • Managing identified requirements

Relationship of project management to other management disciplines

A large part of the skills needed to manage a project is unique from other management disciplines. Yet, some aspects of general management do tend to overlap with project management and these overlapping aspects include:

  • Law

  • Strategic planning

  • Logistics

  • Human resources

There are some common application areas that overlap across project management and other management disciplines. These application areas are defined as:

  • Supporting disciplines and functional departments like production management, inventory management, personnel, logistics etc

  • Technical disciplines like pharmaceuticals, software development, construction etc

  • Management specializations like community development, product development, government contracting etc

  • Industry groups like chemicals, automotive, etc

Final Notes

A professional course in project management will give you a fabulous boost and catapult your position in any organization. Doing a project management course along with your college could be a great idea. Alternatively, you could take up project management courses as part of your college credits too, if possible.

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